Dry cracked lips

Chapped lips, dry lips and cracked mouth. How is dry lips best treated? Learn how to treat dry cracked and chapped lips with this free guide

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Get beautiful lips using this simple guide

Moisturized, soft lips just look just tastier than cracked, chappted, dry lips. And who would not like to have beautiful, kissing-ready lips?

Although many have dry lips time to time, some people almost always walk around with dry lips that are easily cracked and split. Especially in winter, many of us have that experience.

How to avoid dry and chapped lips

The short answer and the solution to dry and chapped lips is to use lip balm. Always keep a lip balm in your pocket so that when you need to moisturize your lips you are prepared, because saliva is not a good lip moisturizer.

Moist, soft lips are beautiful and a sign of good health.

Therefore, you get dry lips

The skin on our lips is extremely thin. In fact, it is so thin that you can see the many thousands of blood vessels under the skin on the lips. This is the reason our lips are red, and it is the reason our lips are become blue in the cold weather โ€“ becauseย  the cold air closes the blood flow to the blood vessels, so the skin becomes blue.

Our lips have no sebaceous glands or sweat glands, which means that the moisture loss on the lips is three to ten times higher than on the skin of the rest of the face and body.

That is precisely why the skin reacts more intensely to the factors that help to dry out our skin, such as pollution, climate change, temperature fluctuations, cigarette smoke (including passive smoking), lack of fluid, and so on.

The biggest reason for chapped lips is climate and temperature changes, why is why winter is so hard on our lips. Low humidity and / or indoor heat can also cause chapped lips.

Peeling lips with cracks in the corners of the mouth are a sign of B2 vitamin and / or B6 deficiency.

The cause may also be a yeast infection, which diabetics are particularly prone to have.

Extremely chapped lips are a sign of too much vitamin A, possibly in connection with isotretinoin / acne-medicine or strong vitamin supplements.

Remember sunscreen for the lips

Because the lips are so extremely thin, it is also important to remember to use sunscreen for the lips, because the sunโ€™s UV rays can be the direct cause of chapped and dry lips, and especially to protect the thin skin of the lips against skin cancer.

Protect lips every day with a lip balm with SPF 15 (femember to be aware of both UVA and UVB protection) โ€“ even when itโ€™s cloudy (the sunโ€™s rays are coming through all day, every day).

Avoid irritation on the lips

Many like flavored or scented lip balm. However, it is a very stupid idea to use a lip balm with fragrance, color, or flavor. These ingredients will actually irritate the lips, and even if there is moisture in the lip balm, the lips will be parched and you will need to lubricate them again.

Moreover, this irritation can lead to eczema, allergies, and the like.

If you would like to have good taste and scent, take a piece of gum when you lubricate your lips with a lip balm that has no irritating ingredients.

Ingredients such as menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, citrus, peppermint, and other fragrances should never be in lip balm or other skin-care products.

Protect your lips at night

If you tend to have dry and cracked lips, it can be a great idea to use an extra-thick layer of emollient lip balm on your lips overnight. We neither eat nor drink at night, so the lip balm will stay longer on the lips.

Do not lick your lips

Many who suffer from dry and chapped lips lick their lips repeatedly.

It is not recommended and is a really bad way to add moisture to your lips. The lips will be only briefly dampened, and soon thereafter will be even drier. The reason for this is that the saliva of the mouth will destroy the thin layer of the skin of the lips.

Lip-balm addicted?

You may have heard people say that they will not use lip balm, because you can become dependent.

This is far from true! You are not dependent on broccoli just because you eat a lot of it and your body can feel that it is healthy and good for you.

You must be aware to use only a well-formulated lip balm without irritating ingredients to help you to avoid chapped and dry lips.

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