Dry skin? Drink more water!

Can your dry skin be solved by drinking more water? Can water remove dry skin? Get advice and FREE help! Download guide: how to solve dry skin

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A widespread myth for which there is no basis

Lack of water can cause headaches. You may faint from lack of water. Your growth can be slowedย  if you donโ€™t drink enough water.

Water is really important! Not only for us humans, but for all life on earth.

But lack of water is not the cause of dry skin!

On the contrary!

Many people mistakenly believe that dry skin can be caused by lack of water. This is far from true.

The situation is actually quite the opposite. Water dries the skin.

Remember the last time you were in the swimming pool. Your fingers were completely wrinkled.

You may also have stayed in the bathtub long enough that your fingers were completely wrinkled.

Perhaps youโ€™ve spoiled yourself with a footbath and your feet got completely wrinkled.

This is due to lack of water.

Confused? Understandably.

Liquid is necessary to avoid dehydration. However, the fluid also dehydrates.

Drink plenty of water โ€“ and you need the toilet

Your body needs only a certain amount of liquid a day to function. If you drink more, you just have to use the toilet more.

You should get 2-4 liters of fluid daily. You do not need more than that; it will just end up in the toilet or you will sweat it out.

Dry skin is not corrected with water!

If you have dry skin, you cannot fix it with water. If it were that simple, who would have dry skin?

Dry skin does not lack water. A dry skin lacks moisture.

Most of all, dry skin lacks moisture-keeping ingredients. Example Batch Glycerin.

The problem with dry skin is that the skin cannot HOLD on the water. Dry skin has a broken skin barrier โ€“ or at least a skin barrier on overtime.

This can be caused by many things: heat, cold, air conditioning, smoke, wind, pollution, hormones, and drugs.

There are hundreds of reasons, and it can be difficult to find the cause. It is perhaps more important to focus on the solution โ€“ to give moisture and moisturizing ingredients to the skin.

Oils are also humectants

You may have tried to get olive oil off your fingers. The oil cannot simply rinse off with water; you must use soap!

Soap dissolves fat and oil,ย which is why you can remove oil with soap.

Oil has become fashionable. Youโ€™ve probably heard of argan oil, which really is hip these days.

No oil is better than another for dry skin. All oils are hydrating and moisturizing.

The disadvantage of oils is that they are occlusive to the skin. Oil settles on top of the skin like a membrane and can prevent your skin from breathing, which may create a sea of skin problems.

Oil can especially cause problems if you suffer from acne.

Do not use pure oils on your skin if you suffer from pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, or acne.

Oil is clogging, despite its hydrating and moisturizing properties,ย  and can causeย  pimples just by combining the oil with dead skin cells. Using oil on your skin gives it everything it needs to create more pimples.

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