Eye bags and puffy eyes

Can an eye cream really remove bags under the eyes? Get the top 10 causes of puffy eyes and what you can do to treat them here

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How to treat puffy eyes and eye bags with skin care

It can be frustrating to look at yourself in the mirror and discover that you look like you just got out of bed because of the bags under your eyes.

Although skin-care products cannot remove eye bags, knowing their cause is advantageous, so you will be able to reduce the problem.

Gentle massage

You can help by dabbing the bags under your eyes with your fingertips in the morning to lessen the bags.

Get your beauty sleep

At least eight hours of sleep every night will work wonders for your eye bags.

Aside from the fact that your body will have sufficient time to regenerate itself when you get a good nightโ€™s sleep, you will look more fresh with smaller bags under your eyes.

In addition, you should sleep with your head elevated to avoid fluid retention under your eyes.

Eat healthfully โ€“ with less salt and alcohol

Salt is a mineral that the body needs, but consuming too much salt can cause bags under your eyes.

Avoid large amounts of salt in your diet (processed foods often contain a lot of salt) and drink plenty of water to boost the fluid level in your body.

Because drinking alcohol dries out the body, you should be careful about consuming too much if you want to avoid bags under your eyes.

Remove your make-up

Make-up is made from minerals. During the day these can get in your eyes and cause irritation, which can cause bags under your eyes.

To avoid getting bags under your eyes from make-up, remember to remove it carefully before you go to bed every night..

Protect the skin around your eyes

The sun produces UV rays that trigger the pigmentation cells in your skin, so you will get a darker color.

In time, this process can give you a dark tan or even cause permanent changes in pigmentation.

This will make the bags under your eyes stand out, so use sunscreen daily, even under your eyes.

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