Skin care, pregnancy and hormones

Hi :-)

I just have a question about whether you can use your products when you are pregnant?

And are they equally effective when there are a lot of hormones running around the body?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Stine

A pregnant person can definitely use Danish Skin Care! And by the way, congratulations on your pregnancy :-D I can almost guess that your question about using my skin care products may mean you’re so lucky to be pregnant :-D Congratulations :-D
You can use all Danish Skin Care products when you are pregnant. There is absolutely nothing harmful in the products for you or your baby :)

In fact, the products are SUPER gentle to the skin and body. In addition, all Danish Skin Care products are 100% free from perfumes, dyes and other skin irritating ingredients.

So yes, you are welcome to use Danish Skin Care products also when you are pregnant.

The Danish Skin Care skincare series also works super well – and efficiently – despite the many extra active hormones that rage around the entire body when you are pregnant.

The vast majority of acne is due to hormones, so Danish Skin Care also and efficiently work against hormone induced skin problems. It would be almost foolish to make skin care that does not work against hormonal acne, as the majority of acne is due to hormones.

In relation to the hormone conditioned pimples and unclean skin, it is first and foremost extremely important to calm the skin. So you balance the skin and the hormones again. In addition, the Danish Skin Care skincare series is very good, as the range is extremely gentle for the skin and really adds a lot of soothing ingredients to the skin.

I’m sure you’ll be happy to get started with the Danish Skin Care skincare series so you can get rid of your pimples – and get a pregnancy without pimples and unclean skin :-D

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Mads Timmermann

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