Of course, natural skin care - or?

Learn the truth about natural products and if natural skin care is best for your skin. Does natural products mean that it is better for your skin?

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The truth about natural skin-care products

Many people mistakenly believe that skin care with natural ingredients โ€“ also called natural skin care โ€“ is better for the skin.

Perhaps it is because of the great focus on ecology, health, and chemicals that should be avoided, that an industry of natural skin care has developed.

The truth about natural skin care

The truth is that there are naturally many good (yes, even amazing), natural ingredients. However, that an ingredient is natural does not meanย  it is good and will not irritate your skin.

Just think of a parsnip and nettle. They are both 100% natural, but will still irritate and burn on your skin, even if they are grown organically.

Skin-care products that are created from ingredients found in nature are not necessarily good for the skin. Natural ingredients (processed or not) can easily cause allergies, eczema, and irritation, and thereby break down the skinโ€™s immune system and collagen.

Take the test yourself โ€“ and believe

Consider dripping juice from a fresh, organic lemon into a wound. Then drip the juice from a fresh, non-organic lemon onto another wound. And finally, put the juice from lemon concentrate (available in all supermarkets in that dang-founded plastic โ€œlemonโ€) on a wound.

Or donโ€™t do it!! I promise you that it will sting the same, whether you use fresh (organic or not) or processed lemon juice. But if you donโ€™t believe me, test it for yourself. Iโ€™m just saying!

Fragrant essential oils, camphor, menthol, and eucalyptus are just some of the many natural ingredients that are not good for the skin. and therefore are ingredients that you should avoid putting on your skin.

Variation, diversity, and natural skin care

Most know what healthful eating is. And most are aware that eating a varied diet is good, too (if not you should be thinking about this). Our diet is in fact critical to our appearance โ€“ not only our weight, but also skin health, radiance, and glow.

With that in mind,ย  be aware that another disadvantage of natural skin care that you should be aware of is the lack of variety and diversity. The vast majority of natural skin-care products consist of just one or a handful of different ingredients.

Good skinโ€“care products should contain a wide variety of ingredients, each of which provides the skin with something different.

Think of blueberries. You have probably heard that they are healthful,ย  just as you are, of course, well aware that spinach and broccoli are good for you. But, if you ate only blueberries, spinach, or broccoli, then you are guaranteed to get sick! So even though each ingredient is healthful, tour body simply would not meet its needs for vitamins and minerals from just one vegetable or fruit.

But you lived entirely on a large variety of vegetablesย  and made sure that each vegetable supplied various vitamins and minerals, then suddenly you could easily live only on vegetables. Exactly like many vegetarians already do โ€“ and are very healthy.

Itโ€™s the same with your skin and your skin care. Your skin needs a variety of vitamins and minerals, so your skin care should contain many different vitamins and minerals.

When choosing skin care products, make sure that if does not consist of only 1 to 5 ingredients. Skin care for clear skin is a composite product that needs many different ingredients.

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