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Organic skin care products are better for your skin. OR ARE THEY? Learn the truth about organic skin care and find out why ecology cheats!

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Should you choose organic skin-care products?

Amazingly many are confused about organic skin care and many mistakenly believe that they treat their skin better with organic skin-care products.

The truth is that there has never been a scientific study that proves that organic skin care is better than non-organic skin care.

Organic almond oil or organic vitamin A is no better for the skin than non-organic almond oil or vitamin. Similarly,non-organic lavender is just as harmful to the skin, as organic lavender (lavender is an essential oil that is very irritating to the skin).

If you choose to use organic skin care,ย  it would have to be because you want to support the environment, because organic skinโ€“care products do not have any benefit to your skin over non-organic products.

Ecology percentage

What is perhaps even more shocking is that there really are NO guidelines regarding organic skin careย  even the guidelines are very strict for our food.

Many believe that organic skin care products are 100% organic when they wear that great โ€œE,โ€ but the fact is that organic skin-care products only have to be 1% organic to call themselves organic!

When you buy an organic skin-care product, you do not know if the product is 1%, 14%, or 87% organic.

Fortunately, new rules are in the works that will state thatc skin-care products should be 95% organic to be considered organic skin care. This is not yet a law, which means that many products do not comply with thisย  rule.

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