Organic & Ecology skin care products

Organic skin care products are better for your skin. OR ARE THEY? Get the truth about organic skin care and find out why organic cheats!

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Question: โ€œOrganic & Ecology skin care productsโ€

Hi Mads

There are many organic skin care products on the market and I cannot figure out if they are better for my skin ?

Answer to: โ€œOrganic & Ecology skin care productsโ€

When reading articles and watching commercials, one should always think that there is a big difference between documented research , and marketing.

Many believe that organic skin care is better for the skin than non- organic skin care .

The truth is simply that there has never been any research that proves that organic skin care is better for the skin.

An organic almond oil, or vitamin A, are not doing something better for your skin than ingredients that are not organic .

If you buy organic skin care products , you should do it because you want to support the organic farmers and the environment.

Organic skin care products in percent

The shocking news is that organic skin care products will contain only 1% organic , to have to call themselves organic!

When you buy an organic skin care product, you do therefor not know if the product contains 1 , 14, or 87% organics.

Fortunately, is there been worked on new rules that makes organic skin care products have to contain 95% to may call themselves organic skincare. This is not yet a law, which means that a lot does not comply with this yet.

Organic skin and irritation

Organic skin care contains mostly none parabens (despite the fact that parabens are the safest form of preservation โ€“ย read more about parabens in skin care here) , which makes alternative preservatives used.

In organic skin care they often use large amounts of essential oils as preservatives, beside preserve the skin care products these also cause irritated or damaged skin.

Ecology in Danish Skin Care skincare products

Danish Skin Care advertised not to be organic, since the aim of the Danish Skin Care is efficient products that do not irritate or damage the skin.

Yet many of our products has a high organic content, as we like to support the environment .

Have a nice day!

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