Is it okay to press pimples - and how do you press pimples?

Should you press and pop yellow and inflamed pimples? The short answer is YES! Its not that complicated :) Get a fantastic guide right here!

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Question: โ€œIs it okay to press pimples - and how do you press pimples?โ€

Hi Mads

I have some pimples that are mature enough to press the pimple out, but I’m afraid to aggravate it and create more pimples, but how do you press the pimples out in the best way?

Hope you will answer.


Answer to: โ€œIs it okay to press pimples - and how do you press pimples?โ€

Hi Mathilde

How do you best press pimples?

Its really a question that can create discussion. Weโ€™ve probably all heard that pressing pimples creates scars.

Just as many believe that it makes more pimples and can result in acne, pressing pimples. But is it also true โ€“ that it creates more pimples, pressing a pimple?

Pimples, acne and blemishes leads to a great many questions.

Certainly it is extremely tempting to press pimples. All who have tried to have a pimple knows this fact!


Let me start by saying that pimples are NOT contagious!

So because you hit a pimple on your skin, you do not get more pimples.

You will not get acne just because you hit a pimple!

In fact, acne โ€“ or more exactly Acne Vulgaris โ€“ is just the general term for all types of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, mature pimples, papules, pustules, inflamed pimples etc etc.


So you are allowed to press yellow inflamed pimples. Also called mature pimples.

Inflamed yellow pimples and mature pimples are allowed to be pressed. Actually, it may help to reduce scarring, inflammation and healing time if you press your pimples.

However, you should only press the ripe pimples โ€“ the completely yellow and inflamed pimples that are ready to be pressed.

And you should be aware of pressing your pimples too vigorously, youโ€™ll end up with a red mark or wound that remains on the skin much longer than the bum.

Pressing a pimple too vigorously, can also result in scars and acne scars take years of skin treatment. So be careful when you press your pimples!

And NEVER press blackheads, whiteheads or red pimples. A pimple should be yellow, inflamed and mature before you should press it!

The easiest way to avoid scars when you press pimples is by purchasing a so-calledย comedone extractor, which can be purchased in different stores โ€“ or you can use myย Magic Tool to remove pimples.

Put the opening above the pimple and then very gently put the comedone extractor down over the pimple and pull it back. This will release the inflammation.

Its just that simple!

It is not about โ€œemptyingโ€ the pimple of bacteria, but simply to relieve pressure in the pimple.

Repeat the process with the Comedone extractor not more then twice per pimple. And donโ€™t press too hard. If you areย pressing out blood, you areย too violent.

Finish by using theย Perfect Skin Power Treatย that will kill the bacteria in the pimple and help the healing of the skin.

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