Amazing Body Treat


The Amazing Body Treat is a product that effectively fights skin problems on the body, but is also extremely gentle and mild on the skin. Amazing Body Treat also helps to soothe your skin and eliminate irritation, itch and redness. *

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The product is used as a body lotion, and is applied to the problem area. However, Amazing Body Treat is not a body lotion, but a treatment for skin problems on the body’s skin. Use the products daily for a shorter duration to resolve a skin problem - or can be used when needed … for example after shaving.

Amazing Body Treat is your treatment product for your body’s skin problems.

Can be used daily or as needed.

It is an especially good idea to apply newly shaven legs with Amazing Body Treat, as this will eliminate the risk of razor burn from shaving.

To treat acne on the back or chest, you can use the product every day or every other day, after showering.

Keratosis Pilaris can be treated by using Amazing Body Treat in the same way, several times a week. (For the first week, we do recommend daily use)

Is the problem dry skin? Perhaps dry or flaky elbows? Use the product daily for 3-4 weeks and get rid of your dry skin. Afterwards the problem can be kept under control by using Amazing Body Treat weekly.

The product can be used like a body lotion and is applied to the problem area.

The product works best on freshly washed skin. Apply in an even layer to clean, dry skin and let the product soak in for 1-2 minutes before getting dressed.

Plain and simple, fast absorbing, not sticky and works against skin issues of the body.

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