Remove your pimples with soap and scrub

Pimples, blemishes and acne can not be removed with soap or scrubbing. Instead you'll get more pimples! Get here the correct guide, free here

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Simple method (which does not) remove pimples

Pimples are frustrating! Pimples are never convenient! Pimples are never neat! Pimples disfigure your face!

Pimples are sore, disgusting, inflamed, red, and yellow!

Many believe that pimples and acne are dirt.

This is understandable, because after all, pimples contain yellow pulp and are often red, like a wound with bacteria.

Pimples are not dirt!

The reality is simply that acne is not dirt, no matter how frustrating it may be. No matter how unsightly pimples are on your face.

Pimples are not dirt! Pimples are not the result of poor hygiene! Pimples cannot be washed away!

Pimples are the accumulation of skin cells and oil, an accumulation that occurs in the skinโ€™s pores, not on the skin surface, and not caused by poor hygiene and dirt.

The cause of pimples is to be found much deeper in your skin.

Pimples cannot be washed away!

You must cleanse your skin morning and night, to minimize the risk of clogging the skinโ€™s pores. The key for this is to prepare the skin for subsequent treatment products.

Your treatment products shouldnโ€™t have to contend with makeup, car exhaust, sweat, dead skin cells โ€“ in other words, the โ€œdirtโ€ from the day. This should be removed first, so the skin is ready to receive subsequent products.

You must also be careful not to wash your skin too much. Cleaning the skin morning and evening is enough; you do not need any more than that. In fact, excessive use of cleaning products destroys your skinโ€™s outer barrier, and can create irritation and inflammation, which may result in more pimples.

You can wash your face once more during the day if you are exercising or perspiring in the middle of the day, but you are cheating yourself by thinking that extra cleaning has an effect on your pimples.

Pimples cannot be scrubbed away!

You have probably tried, or at least heard about scrub gloves, cloths, or scrubbing products with abrasive grains.

They are sold in many forms: hemp gloves, face brushes, sponges, face masks, in-shower exfoliation, and more. There are countless of these products promising to scrub the skin clean.

Do not use these if you have pimples!

You cannot scrub the pimples away, any more than you can wash them away.

In fact, scrubbing is likely to irritate the skin and thereby create a new outbreak of pimples.

Remove your acne โ€“ mild and efficient!

The best treatment for pimples is to use mild products. Products that do not cause irritation. Products that do not provoke new outbreaks.

In addition, it is important that your skin-care products contain of a broad range of vitamins and minerals. There is not one miracle ingredient!

It is the combination of many ingredients that will help!

You do not just eat one vegetable if you want to be healthyย  ;-)

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