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How to use skin care when you have Rosacea

Rosecea is a frustrating skin disorder that appears as redness on the cheeks and nose, and causes dry, scaly, and extremely sensitive skin. Some also experience red spots on their face similar to acne.

The skin disorder rosacea can affect everyone, regardless of skin color and gender, but mostly men suffer from rosacea.

Mild skin-care products can be very effective in calming and soothing rosacea, but unfortunately, rosacea will become much worse if left untreated.

Skin care for rosacea should NOT contain:

  • Drying products like cleansing products and skin tonic. This will worsen the outer barrier of your skin and therefore make your skin even more red and sensitive.
  • Scrubbing products are mostly too harsh for the skin on your face, but if you suffer from rosacea you should especially avoid them.
  • Irritating ingredientsโ€“among them alcohol, natural/synthetic fragrances, and ethereal oils (camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, citrus, etc.)

You should also completely avoid hot water, steam baths, and sauna, since that will break down the defense of your skin.

Good skin-care products for rosacea:

  1. Cleanse your skin gently morning and evening using a water-soluble cleansing product, so you will remove dirt and grease from your face without drying it out.
  2. Exfoliate daily with salicylic acid (BHA). This is very effective for rosacea, since it will calm down redness and reduce irritation.
  3. Every day all year around,ย you mustย use a day cream with a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher, preferably with a physical sunscreen (look for the ingredients titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide).

While using skin-care products to treat your rosacea, you should also use prescription products from your doctor.

Diet and rosacea

Research has proven that rosacea can be drastically reduced by removing certain foods from your daily diet: sugar, white carbohydrates, and animal foods (meat, milk, cheese, and eggs).

At the same time, you should consume large amounts of the so-called anti-inflammatory foods: vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, fish and vegetable oils (olive, linseed, almond, etc.)

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