Scars, large pores and whiteheads

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Question: “Scars, large pores and whiteheads”

Hi Mads!

I have some problems with my skin, which affects my self-confidence and my desire to be around people in a negative way! Which is why I hope you can help me with some guidance:

On my back, I have some dark brown scars from acne – what can I do about them?
On my face, I struggle with some really big and rather open pores – how can I make them permanently smaller (maybe visiting a doctor/dermatologist/cosmetologist) instead of just covering it up with make-up?
Unfortunately, I’ve had some enclosed whiteheads on my face and my earlobes that will not go away on their own. A cosmetologist was able to successfully remove some of them, but not all. She said that they were mainly caused by the clindoxyl that I got from the doctor. Is it a problem that I can remove, lessen or prevent?
On my cheek, I had one big acne scar(called an ice pick). The doctor cut it open and stitched it back together a little over a month ago, but it hasn’t healed properly, the form of the scars is now more stretched out than before. Do you think that there’s hope for reducing it, if so how?
How can I best cleanse clogged pores?

Ok, so you haven’t seen my skin yet which is why it can be difficult to answer all of my questions. But could you have an idea about how many of my issues that can be remedied with the correct treatment??

Thank you so much for listening!

Answer to: “Scars, large pores and whiteheads”

Dear Karina,

Thank you so much for your letter. I am sorry to hear about your low self-esteem because of your skin disorder. I have experienced that myself because of acne and through Danish Skin Care I have received many emails from people, who in some way suffer from low self-esteem because of their problems with their skin.
This is why I have created a skincare line that makes it easy to maintain your skin – so that the focus will be on the result a lot more than on the acne.

Brown marks on your skin can be because of over-pigmentation. This is because the colour cells in our skin (melanocytes) overproduces colour (melanin) in different areas on your skin, and so it creates a brownish colouration in your skin. The best form of treatment is using cell-rejuvenating/exfoliating products, so you can remove the dead skin cells. At the same time, you have to protect your skin from the damaging rays from the sun, because UV rays will penetrate your skin and provoke even more changes in pigmentation.

You cannot make the pores on your face smaller, because it is genetically determined from your skin type. But you can keep your pores clean, which will make them seem smaller. Again, exfoliation is a good solution.

Whiteheads appear because the skin is clogging and dead skin cells will accumulate underneath the skin. Again, a daily exfoliation is the best solution to the problem, as well as avoiding products than can cause clogging (Clindoxyl should not be the problem).

Regarding scars on your skin, it should be possible to improve them as long as it is fresh scar tissue. If nothing else, cosmetic surgery can rectify imperfections on the skin (in your case a scar).

In general regarding your questions and skin disorders, the solution would be to use mild skincare products containing peeling ingredients, for example BHA/Beta Hydroxy Acid in the form of salicylic acid. Make sure that you use a moisturizer every morning and evening, which contains peeling/exfoliating ingredients. In that way, your skin will be rejuvenated and improved every day.

For example, try Perfect Skin Power Treat.

I sincerely hope that you can use my answers and I will close with wishing you the very best future!

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