Skin care for neck and chest

Skin care products are also sold specifically for your throat, neck and your chest. Get the best of THE BEST skin care for your throat, neck and your chest

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Question: โ€œSkin care for neck and chestโ€

Hi Mads

What cream should I buy for my neck and chest ?

Answer to: โ€œSkin care for neck and chestโ€

The skin on the neck and chest look often wrinkled and discolored, mainly due to theย sunโ€™s harmful raysย (unless you have usedย sunscreen dailyย ) .

Because of the cut of our clothes, we expose neck and chest daily for all the same disruptive elements (sun damageย etc.) that our face. It is therefore important to always remember to take care of these areas on a daily basis.

Despite the incredible number of โ€œspecialโ€ skincare products to the throat / neck / chest , this is just product produced by some cosmetics brands that make an additional product sales.

There is absolutely no reason to spend money on these special skin care products when you can just use your normal well formulated andย effective face care products.

Skin is and remains skin, whether it is in the face, neck, on your hands or your legs โ€“ and all these places needs the same nourishing ingredients. So there is no need to spend money on products for separate areas of the body, unless you have specific skin problems ( acne, rosacea, eczema etc.)

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