Does your skin type matter?

Do you know what your skin type is? Do you know why it's important to know one's skin type? If the answer is no, let's give you the ultimate guide!

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Question: โ€œDoes your skin type matter?โ€

Hi Danish Skin Care!

I have a very important question about skin care! What if I have ordered the skin care series for the wrong skin type? Is it a big problem if I have ordered a complete skin care kit for normal to oily skin and I have normal to dry skin?

I really hope you want to answer my questions Mads, it is really important for me, that i use the best possible skin care for my skin! :-)

Thank you in advance!


Answer to: โ€œDoes your skin type matter?โ€

Hi Mago

First things first, please do not despair! :-)

You skin will get all the great ingredients from my complete skin care kit! Your skin will still benefit from all the awesome, soothing and protecting ingredients, but you will get too much or too little moisture for your skin. And if you have a tendency to have oily skin and use the series for normal to dry skin, you skin will shine even moreโ€ฆ And and I do not think thatโ€™s what you want. :-)

When talking about skin type, the skin type ONLY says something about the moisture balance of your skin โ€“ if you have a pimple, freckles or sensitive skin. Or if your skin is black or white, has nothing to do with your skin type. Those are skin problems โ€“ or innate beauties! :-)

Your choice of skin care, depends on how your skin has been the last couple of weeks. If you feel your skin has been mostly dry and tight on your face? Then you should choose the series normal to dry:

โ€“ Get the complete skin care kit for normal to dry skin here:

If you experience that your skin is shiny or feeling and looking greasy? Then choose the series normal to oily skin here:

โ€“ Get the complete skin care kit for normal to oily skin here:

I would really recommend you all of our awesome guides, but in regards to your questions, then start with the amazing guide, down below.

โ€“ How to find your skin type:

In the guide you get a lot of awesome advice and tips, on how to easily determine your skin type! You also get an in-depth description of what skin type really means โ€“ and why your skin type is important for you and your choice of skin care! :)

I hope this was the answer you where seeking, if your still have questions, just write. I would love to help you! :-)

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