A diet and skincare consultation

Hey Mads!

I’ve looked a bit at your website and I’m writing to you because I have some skin problems. It has been going on for a couple of years (I am 21 years old today).

I have been treated with tetracycline, had “milk breaks”, etc. Today I use Benzoyl Peroxide cream at night and products from Vichy during the day, and I have begun taking birth control pills that may work against acne. But I’d like you to look at my skin, so you might. provide me with some guidance on products and skincare.

I really hope to hear from, so we can find a time to meet.

Sincerely, Sara

Dear Sara

Thank you very much for your letter.

I would gladly make a consultation with you where I hear about your lifestyle, your diet and your skin. Then I will give you some dietary guidelines as well as a product and skincare guide.

I wish you a lovely day!

Mads Timmermann =)

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