Skincare from Danish Skin Care

No unnecessary products. No perfume. No color. No irritating and harmful ingredients – only a wide range of powerful ingredients that will help you have beautiful and perfect skin.

Skin Care Kit

Would you like to provide proper care for your skin? And effectively solve skin problems?

Danish Skin Care’s total skin-care kit is the solution for you!

You get ALL Danish Skin Care facial products in this set, so that you can protect and treat your skin in the absolutely best way!

The skin-care line is very gentle on the skin, but effectively removes skin problems and treats the skin with everything it needs.

So, say goodbye to weekly masks! No more monthly beautician visits! And “no thanks” to numerous products and several hours in front of the mirror.

You need ONLY these 4 products, and you will give your skin skin all it needs.

Available for both oily skin and dry skin

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MINI kit

Want to test the products before you order the large set?


Do you need a travel kit? Perhaps a small set of skin-care products for your gym bag?

Danish Skin Care MINI is the complete Danish Skin Care skincare kit, but in a handy small size. Perfect as a sample pack or kit.

Available for both oily skin and dry skin

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Compose your own skin care:

Perfect Skin Face Wash

Use this fantastic and mild face wash morning and evening to wash your beautiful face and prepare your skin for subsequent treatment.

Perfect Skin Face Wash also works well as makeup remover.

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Perfect Skin Power Treat

Your skin’s ultimate pampering! Perfect Skin Power Treat soothes your skin while skin problems are effectively treated and bacteria is killed, leaving your skin problems solved.

The product is very mild, but extremely effective for treating skin problems. It is especially good for acne, pimples, blemishes, whiteheads, and blackheads – and the product effectively removes scars, sun damage, pigmentation damage, and reduces wrinkles.

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Perfect Skin Day Protector

This super-light lotion / gel absorbs quickly into your skin without feeling greasy or clogging pores. Protect and condition your skin optimally while you treat skin problems.

The product is so mild and gentle to the skin that you can also use this cream as your eye cream.

Available for both oily skin and dry skin

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Perfect Skin Moisturizer

Filled with lots of vitamins and minerals, this fast-absorbing night cream makes sure that your skin is nourished, soothed, and replenished with any active nutrients your skin needs.

The product is so mild that you can benefit from using the cream around your eyes.

Available for both oily skin and dry skin

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Even more goodies for you:

Lip Care

​Moisturizing and soothing balm for those who want to have beautiful, soft, and kissable lips.

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Magic Tool

Press pimples properly with this indispensable tool that quickly removes yellow and inflamed pimples from your skin.

An indispensable tool for people who often suffer from yellow pimples – and want to avoid scars on their skin.

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No perfume

Having skin problems is NOT good for your skin! If you want to use perfume, spray a little perfume on your chest - or better yet, on your clothing.

No essential oils

Perfume is perfume - and is damaging to your skin! Essential oils are used in making perfume, which is why Danish Skin Care naturally is free of essential oils!

No parabens

We have chosen other ways to preserve our products, and are doing a great deal of work to minimize the total amount of preservatives used in Danish Skin Care products.

Free of harmful chemicals

We do not build chemical weapons, but skin care. Of course, we use no ingredients that damage your skin. If we wouldn’t put it on our own face, it isn’t in our products.

Free of harmful natural ingredients

Natural is not always good. Just think of poison ivy. We use many natural and many organic ingredients, but only those that make your skin more beautiful.

No skin-irritating ingredients

This goes without saying. Our products help, care for, and protect your skin - and make you even more beautiful!

No drying alcohol

It would make production much easier if we used alcohol in our products, because alcohol is great for keeping skin care stable. Alcohol is unfortunately really bad for the skin, as it dries the skin, irritate the skin, and creates skin problems.

No clogging oils

Many skin problems worsen with oil. Especially pimples, as pimples are made up of oil and dead skin cells. Danish Skin Care is of course free of clogging oils that can create skin problems.




Stress, car exhaust, sun, hormones, perfume...there is so much that can make skin irritated. Danish Skin Care helps to calm your skin.

Reduces rednessf

We've all tried to get rid of red skin that is the result of weather, hormones, wounds, disease. Danish Skin Care helps to soothe the redness and enhance recovery.

Vitamins and Minerals

Danish Skin Care is your skin's daily vitamin pill - a boost of lots of vitamins and minerals that do your skin good :-)

Increases healing and repair

Of course! As all good skin care should be, we believe :-)

Can be used by pregnant women

The skin-care line is so mild and free of all harmful chemicals, perfumes, dyes, and other harmful ingredients that they are safe to use if you are pregnant.

Developed for sensitive skin

We believe that all skin should be treated gently! All Danish Skin Care products are designed for delicate, sensitive, and irritated skin! But the skin-care products are still extremely effective against skin problems.

Filled with antioxidants

Beside being good for counteracting wrinkles, antioxidants have many other beneficial properties for the skin. Danish Skin Care contains many different antioxidants that will help to nourish your skin.


Pimples, acne, and blemishes - 9 out of 10 of us are tormented by it. Danish Skin Care skin-care products focus on removing and eliminating pimples, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and acne.


Why wait for the problem? There is SO much we can do in advance - and you can never start too early to take care of your skin, your body, and yourself. Danish Skin Care offers a variety of antioxidants, along with many other anti-aging ingredients, that will reduce wrinkles in the future - and of course be helpful to counteract existing wrinkles.

Air-tight packaging

Air, light, and temperature changes can break down ingredients. Danish Skin Care packaging is air-tight so the air does not destroy the ingredients. Similarly the packaging is dark, so light does not kill the active ingredients. Our packaging also makes sure that your fingers and hands do not add bacteria to the product. You get a product that maintains its shelf life as long as you have it.


We have removed all the harmful chemicals, all skin- irritating ingredients, all perfume, all essential oils, and all dyes. And we've added lots of calming, soothing, and redness-reducing ingredients.

For young, adults, elderly, women and men

Beauty has no age! Nor any age limit :-) Whether you are a teenager, 40 or 79, skin problems are treated the same and need exactly the same protection and care. Skin is skin! Whether you are male, female, or however you define yourself - your skin needs exactly the same treatment, protection, and care :-) Danish Skin Care skin-care products can be used by everyone! Wherever you are in life!