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Your guide to beautiful skin

Some people are under the impression that taking care of your skin is (or has to be) difficult and expensive.

I do not believe that!

Skin care is about taking care of your bodyโ€™s largest organ: your skin! This organ has to last for many years and can be kept young and beautiful with daily treatment.

Skin care can definitely be made to sound difficult and confusing, but this is where Danish Skin Care and I come in.

This guide will give you knowledge so that you can take care of your skin in a simple but very efficient way, so you can avoid having your skin age prematurely, along with other problems.

Cleanse your skin

Because of dirt, makeโ€“up, and dead skin cells, your skin has to be cleansed daily, both morning and evening.

This simple step will ensure that your skin is clean without feeling dry, so that the next product you use on your skin will be more easily absorbed.

Exfoliate your skin

Sad-looking skin with blackheads, blemishes, and pigmentation issues can easily beeliminated if you use a daily exfoliating product.

By using an exfoliant daily, your skin will look significantly more beautiful and healthy, and it will feel softer and more smooth.

Boost your skin

Using a well-combined moisturizing lotion/crรจme/toner/serum with protective and restorative ingredients, will give your skin the best prerequisites to protect and restore itself and fight environmental damage.

Make sure to select a combination that is right for your skin type

Read the skin type guide here

Protect your skin

Your daytime skin care product should contain a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher, no matter the time of year.

This will protect your skin from aging prematurely and other sun-related damage dramatically.

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