Why do you get pimples on the neck? and how do i remove pimples on my neck?

Pimples appear for the same reasons, e.g. skin irritation and hormones. But luckily zits can also be treated with the same skincare series.

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Question: “Why do you get pimples on the neck? and how do i remove pimples on my neck?”

HI Mads

I often get pimples on the neck and I hope you can help telling me why I get pimples on my neck?

I registered and I’m getting your online movies where you talk about the treatment of pimples and acne on the face. And I’m already crazy about the information you provide. I am strongly considering buying The Danish Acne Cure and getting your help with removing my pimples :-) You seem really to know what you’re talking about, and you are talking in a very easy and understandable way, which I really like :-)

Perhaps the treatment of acne on the neck is also part of the course. I am mostly haunted with pimples on my face, but often I also get pimples on the neck and I hope you can help me to avoid pimples :-)

Looking forward to hearing from you

Your new fan! Amalie :-)

Answer to: “Why do you get pimples on the neck? and how do i remove pimples on my neck?”

Hey Amalie

Or should I say hi my new fan :-)

In any case, many thanks for your very kind words! :-D Always nice with positive feedback – and nice that you can use the information I am giving in my free movies about the treatment of acne. :-)

And I would strongly recommend getting the The Danish Acne Cure especially if you are plagued by pimples! The Danish Acne Cure is exactly as the title inclines the total guide on how you get rid of pimples.

In The Danish Acne Cure I teach you what exactly acne is. You will learn what the cause of acne is. You learn why you get pimples – and what you can do to minimize and prevent pimples.

Of course The Danish Acne Cure also guides you in what you should eat to avoid pimples, and The Danish Acne Cure teaches you which foods and products that cause pimples.

And The Danish Acne Cure kill a galore of myths – confirms other myths – so that you can once and for all learn exactly what you need to know to get rid of your pimples.

With regard to your question about pimples on the neck, I actually just mentioned that I had a similar question from Mette, who asked how she avoids pimples on her neck.

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The cause of pimples on the neck is generally the same, no matter where on the body you are plagued by pimples. Pimples is caused by the sebaceous glands of the skin becomes clogged due to an increased production of sebum, or – the sebaceous glands are blocked by other means e.g. dead skin cells, so the skins oil cant escape.

During puberty and adolescence the sebaceous glands in the skin is stimulated to produce more sebum, and therefore many young people and teenagers experience getting pimples.

However, there are some things that can make you more susceptible to breakouts than normal. It is for example if you are working in a humid environment with grease, oil or other chemicals. It can also be important if you are very stressed and girls menstrual periods can also have an effect.

The above generally applies to pimples on the hole body. And the overall description of why you get pimples on your neck. Of course there are many factors that continue to be the cause of pimples, acne and blemishes. But generally pimples is causes – no matter where on the body – by clogging of the skin pores.

How this blockage occurs, is entirely other matter. Overproduction of oil in the skin is just one in a million cause of pimples. Just as there are a great many reasons for how you can increase the production of fat in the skin and thus the risk of pimples.

With regard to pimples on the neck, then there are some simple things that can cause you to especially getting pimples on the neck.

I have just in relation to another earlier question, made a mini guide about what cause acne on the neck.

So without saying that the question “why do you get pimples on your neck” and how acne occurs is not relevant, then I would almost rather help you to what the cause of pimples on the neck is.

Just as I would love to help you to properly treat pimples on the neck. It will indeed be far more beneficial to tell you why we get pimples. For yes, we all get pimples. And it is normal. We get pimples because there is blockage in the skin pores.

However, it is quite easy to avoid these jams in the skin pores which gives pimples. Just as it is very easy to minimize the risk that pimples occur.

So check out this previous question where I give my guide on how to remove pimples on your neck:

– How to remove pimples on the neck and prevent pimples on the neck

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