Treating pimples with benzoyl peroxide

Sometimes you need to boost your daily skincare to get rid of the last pimples. So let us tell you more about Benzoyl Peroxide cream here.

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Question: “Treating pimples with benzoyl peroxide”

Hey Mads

For the last 2 years I have used products from Danish Skin Care and it has really helped me very much. I have suffered from acne and as I have told you earlier been trying to separate other reasons for my acne, I don’t think there is anything I actually haven’t tried. Over the years I have written to you regarding some questions and have always received a quick response and helpful answers. I would like to say a thousand thanks for what your have done, your knowledge and experience, I would probably not have come this far with my skin if it wasn’t for your guidance. 

BUT yes, I’m sadly still left with some pimples on my head. I do not suffer from the major outbreaks and impurities as i did before, but I have many small pimples on the skin and mostly a 2 to 4 really ugly pimples on the cheeks or chin. Although I am really happy about my development, I am still frustrated and upset that I can not seem to get rid of all the pimples. Im 24 years now and the pimples are really frustrating. 

I really think I’m doing everything I can to remedy my skin problems! I do not drink cow’s milk, I do not eat sugar, I do not eat carbohydrates in the form of bread, rice, pasta or semolina and very rarely I get fruit (obviously I am also a human being ;) and sometimes I get a piece of cake, go out to eat or things like that, but it is rare and I do think a lot about what I feed into my body, so I rather chose healthy alternatives) – my diet is primarily eggs, chicken, all kinds of vegetables (no tomatoes), beans. chia seeds, nuts. I drink plenty of water and often more than 2 liters per day, in addition, I also drink healthy herb the. I take supplements in the form of zelen, magnesium, c, b, d -and vitamin herb pills called “stomach in shape” and lactic acid bacteria pills Garpro. Im doing daily exercise in the form of running or weight training and the sweat is immediately being washed away. My shampoo and washing powder is neutral, so no perfumes, and the bed sheets i mostly change two times a week. 

So I really think Im doing my part, but is there anything I’m still overlooking or should do differently? If I use make-up it is also mineral products from Young Blood. It’s just so frustrating for me that it wont seem to disappear completely.

Thank you for taking the time to read my mail. In addition, and once again, I am so grateful for your great work in the making and in sharing your knowledge out for all of us who is in need for guidance. Your website is extremely user friendly and I have found really much inspiration for my skin treatment. And again thank you for your great customer service and especially because you are so quick to answer when you ask questions.


Answer to: “Treating pimples with benzoyl peroxide”

Hi Camilla

Camilla MANY, MANY TIMES THANK YOU for your sweet mail! Great to hear that you are happy with your Danish Skin Care products and is happy for my guidance and advice :-)

Also it is the really fantastic to hear that you real take my advice seriously – and to me it sounds that you in every way have a great focus on your own health :-D And you can definitely be sure, that your great effort and focus, have had a major impact on your skin and that you have come this far with your acne. I of course understand that you would like the remaining acne and pimples to quickly disappear and I would also like to help you to put just a little extra in your skin care. The alternative is to give it time, and I’m sure the last pimples will disappear too – fighting acne just takes a lot of time, although it can be really frustrating to wait :-(

But you are surely already doing all right things! As your results really show too :-D

If you want to fight the remaining acne and pimples a little harsher for a period of a few months, I would recommend that you take a look at a product with benzoyl peroxide. Sadly we are not allowed to use benzoyl peroxide in skincare products, but combined with the salicylic acid from the daily exfoliation and the good vitamins, then you have a really tough and effective combination for treating acne – note this treatment is harsh because the benzoyl peroxide will dry out your skin during the period you use it. Therefore, you should only choose to use it now and 2-3 months forward and stop before the summer when your skin becomes sensitive to light.

Benzoyl peroxide found in particular Basiron 5% (it MUST be 5%!) This is a product you can get over the counter at most pharmacies. With Basiron your skincare routine should look like this:


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: A cleanser that gently and effectively remove dirt from your skin. Wash your face (possibly in the shower), foam a little product into your hands and massage it into your skin. Rinse with plenty of water and pat your face dry.

– Perfect Skin Power Treat: A daily exfoliation, which will effectively remove dead skin cells from your skin, helping to smooth out bumps, wrinkles and removing stains and pigmentation. While the product has a very good effect against pimples, blackheads, whiteheads. The product is also soothing. Use the product by dropping a little on a cotton pad (or palm) and rub over your face.

– Perfect Skin Protector Day: A day cream filled with good vitamins and minerals that will help to rebuild and protect your skin all day long – includes UVA / UVB sunscreen


– Perfect Skin Face Wash: A cleanser that gently and effectively remove dirt from your skin. Wash your face (possibly in the shower), foam a little product into your hands and massage it into your skin. Rinse with plenty of water and pat your face dry.

– Perfect Skin Moisturizer: A night cream filled with good vitamins and minerals that will help to rebuild and protect the skin through the night – and really boost your skin.

– Basiron 5%: Wait 2-3 minutes after the Night Cream is rubbed onto your skin and the cream has soaked into your skin, then put as a thin layer of Basiron all over the face – even if you only have acne and pimples on your chin. It should be the entire face, except for the lips and eyes :)

After 2-3 months, stop using Basiron and then replace it with the Perfect Skin Power Treat in the evening.

I hope it was an answer to your questions about a slightly more effective fight against your remaining acne and pimples – otherwise do not hesitate to write again. And finally you can always write if you are in need of further guidance and advice. We really want to help! :-D

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