Treatment of scars and microneedling

Hey Mads

I have been thinking about micro needling treatments for a long time, since I suffer from acne scars here and there, but I don’t know if it helps or not, or if it only damages the skin further?

I also want to hear how far you’ve come up with your makeup products, because I really can not wait anymore haha! :)


Hi Amanda

Great that you want to get started with my upcoming makeup products – I can not say so much besides we are working on developing some FANTASTIC makeup products :-) And yes, such development takes time … But as soon as I have them ready for sale, I’ll make sure to notify you! :-D :-D

Compared to your scars, I would strongly advise against micro needing treatments – it will not help. Scars are old wounds / damaged skin – so doing more damage with small needles, will not help … but only make your problems even worse.

There are three things that work wonders when treating scars

1) Salicylic Acid (You already get it in Smooth Skin Treatment)

2) Vitamin A (You already get a lot of it in the day and night cream)

3) Laser

However, treating scars is a long and really slow process, especially when we are trying to remove the scars… With laser you should expect 8 – 12 months with treatments every 3 months (and after each treatment your skin gonna look REAL ugly and red ). In addition, laser is a rather expensive treatment and should only be done by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon – the laser a cosmetologist are allowed to use is too weak.

Compared to important vitamins and salicylic acid, you already get plenty of that with your Danish Skin Care products + you get lots of super ingredients which really helps to repair and nourish the skin, which is also super important with respect to treatment scar!

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