Skin care for your wedding, prom and party

Wedding, party and prom skin care can be difficult. These tips will keep you beautiful and delicious. Get wedding skin care advice here

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Let all your beauty shine

Who does not want to be extra beautiful for every occasion, regardless if it is your wedding, a gala event, or walking down the red carpet?

In this beauty guide, you will get some simple and effective advice for making you shine for your next big event.

Stick to your normal routine

Trying new skin-care products, skin-care routines, or treatments can be tempting in the weeks and days leading up to your big event. But to avoid having break-outs and irritating your skin, you should stick to your normal skin-care products and routines.

Instead, treat yourself to a wellness treatment, like a full-body massage or a nice bubble bath, which will not negatively affect your face.

Get a beautiful glow

If you are one of those women who would like a little extra color on your big day, you can use a self-tanning lotion or a professional airbrush tanning. The latter will give you a gorgeous color without tan lines.

You should try the self-tanning lotion or airbrush treatment several weeks before your event, so that if you give yourself the wrong color, your skin will have time to get rid of the colored skin cells.

Sun tanning is not recommended, because your skin can become red and swollen because of UV damage.

Three-day boost

Three days before your big event you can achieve great results by boosting your internal organs.

This simply means that you should eat more fruit, vegetables, and active ingredients like olive oil, andโ€“if possibleโ€“fresh fish every day, since this will give you a much more healthy glow in every part of your body, from your eyes to your skin.

Also, make sure to exercise a little more to improve the blood flow in your body. If possible, choose an exercise like yoga, which will stretch your body thoroughly within just three days.

A fresh body is a gorgeous body, so if you want that little extra โ€œsomethingโ€ withno bags under your eyes, sleep a little longer those last three days leading up to your event. The bonus is that you will have more energy to dance a little more at your party.

The quick fix

If you find a blemish on your face the night before your big event, you can carefully squeeze it and then apply a lot of BHA exfoliant.

If you find a blemish on the morning of or a few hours before your big event, covering it with make-up can be easier than risking having a red sore because you squeezed the blemish too forcefully.

If your make-up has a tendency to make your skin scaley, apply an extra layer of moisturizer before applying your makeup. This will boost your skin with extra moisture that will keep your make-up pretty for a longer time.

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