Do the sun and tanning beds help to fight pimples?

Can you remove your pimples by sunbathing. Does tanning, the sun or tanning beds solve acne? The truth is scary and you get it right here!

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Remove your pimples with sun and tanning beds

The sun has a reputation for being FANTASTIC against acne.

Have you had that experience? Have you noticed that your pimples are reduced by sunbathing?

The truth is: the sun does not help!

You can see the results

When skin is exposed to sunlight,ย  the skin becomes darker. Your skin darkens, so pimples are not as noticeable.

The pimples are still there; they are just not as evident as before.

You might think that it is better than nothing. You might be satisfied if your blemishesย  are just not as easily seen.

You may even be of the opinion that the pimples are reduced. You may have experienced that your pimples have disappeared considerably after youโ€™ve hadย  a holiday in the sun.

This is not entirely wrong. The sun and tanning (also after use of tanning beds) can reduce your pimples โ€“ at least in the beginning.

But it is certain that your pimples are going to return, and the risk is even greater that you will have even more than you started out with!

The downside of the sun

When you sunbathe, your skin compensates for the sunโ€™s drying effect by producing more sebum (oil).

In addition, when it is exposed to UVA radiation, the skin automatically forms moreย  cells to replace the skin cells that the sunโ€™s rays kill.

This increased production of oil and skin cells will most likely result in even more pimples, because pimplesย  consist of skin cells and oil.

This also explains why after a holiday in the sun (which appeared to help reduce pimples) many come home and find that their skin is worse.

The sun (nor tanning or tanning beds) does not help fight pimples and acne!

On the contrary!

There is a high risk of more pimples.

There is a high risk of pigmented lesions.

There is a high risk of sun damage.

There is a high risk of permanent scarring.

And most important: there is a high risk of developing skin cancer.

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