Sunscreen makes me white

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Question: “Sunscreen makes me white”


I am looking desperately for sun protection that does not come in the form of direct white and greasy sunscreen, or a day cream .

I myself have a nice day cream that I use , but it has no SPF .

Is it not possible to purchase a form of sunscreen that is not a day cream , but that may be thinner and can be mixed with one’s own cream? and without too much perfume ? It should exist – it would surely be brilliant to be able to mix sunscreen into her own cream.

please tell me that there is one, what it’s called and where it is available .

Best Megan


Answer to: “Sunscreen makes me white”

Dear Megan

Thank you for your question!

Sun care which seems a little white due to the active filter is a physical sunscreen. A filter that attaches to the ” top” of your skin.

You can try to buy a sunscreen with a chemical filter , which will not have the same white effect.

Alternatively, you can use your existing cream and then buy a powder that contains sunscreen . This will not be greasy or color your skin white.

I hope you can use my answer ?

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