Blemishes and foods

Is pimples and acne caused by food? Pimples and chocolate, candy, pizza, etc. Danish Skin Care gives you free advice about acne and diet

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Question: “Blemishes and foods”

Hi Mads!

I really like your advice. Suffer from blemishes/acne myself… I’ve often said no to McDonalds and Pizza and instead had a piece of rye bread, simply because I didn’t want another blemish to appear. But is it true what you write here, when you say that it doesn’t make a difference if you eat sweets and fastfood? (of course not every day, but a couple of times a month and sweets on the weekend).

I hope you’ll spend 2 minutes on a response…
Thanks for your great advice and keep up the good work!

Answer to: “Blemishes and foods”

Dear Nicolai,

Thank you for your question regarding blemishes and food.

Several surveys have been made regarding how food can affect acne/blemishes, and it has not been proven that specific foods like pizza and burgers will increase the appearance of blemishes. I often see people that eat very unhealthy food (sweets, cake, pizza, burgers, etc.) have great skin, and vice versa I have experienced myself that long periods with 100 % healthy food made absolutely no difference for my acne.

That means that you need to experiment a little. If you eat pizza and a little chocolate and you then experience an outbreak of acne, you react to these foods and so you should avoid them. And if you do not experience any outbreaks, then it is safe to eat it.

But please note, that I would never recommend pizza and burgers, but instead a healthy diet to keep your body young and beautiful. But when it comes to blemishes and acne, there is no fixed surveys and proof that an unhealthy diet will cause acne.

PLEASE NOTE: There are some surveys that prove that cow’s milk products will increase the appearance of acne/blemishes because of the high levels of hormones. If you suffer from acne, I would always recommend you to leave out dairy products from your diet for at least 30 days.

I hope you will have a fantastic future!

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