Cleansing product with AHA or BHA

Cleansers may contain exfoliating AHA and BHA, but is it good for the skin? Learn about AHA / BHA cleansers here

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Question: “Cleansing product with AHA or BHA”

Hi Mads,

I’ve signed up somewhere on your site, so please send me a list of the best products.

It’s because you’ve advised me earlier to use cleaning products with AHA or BHA, and now I have a birthday coming up and I wanted to put them on my wish list. But I don’t know which products are the best. I understood that it would be listed in the email I received. Or did I misunderstand?

Besides that, thanks for a great web site :-)

Best regards,

Answer to: “Cleansing product with AHA or BHA”

Dear Connie,

Thanks so much for your question!

Do not choose a cleansing product with AHA or BHA. The exfoliating ingredients will not have enough time to have an exfoliating effect on your skin, so it would be a waste of money and good ingredients. They will just wash right off.

In stead, use a mild cleansing product and then apply a product that will make sure that the AHA /BHA stays on your skin and so will have an exfoliating effect. Here, I can recommend my own Perfect Skin Power Treat, that is created with BHA (2% salicylic acid) and it is applied to your face after cleansing, and so it will work on your skin all day.

Have an amazing day!

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