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Author Mads Timmermann

Mads has 14+ years of experience as a skin expert and has written/read this article.

Question: “Deals that make a difference!”

Hey Mads

I might as well be honest right from the beginning! I love deals!

I am addicted to deals, and I often buy stuff on sale, when I see HUGE discounts! It’s like, I just have to buy a product when I can save a lot of money! Huge deals and discounts, just makes me throw my money after a lot of stupid things! And often I am not saving money, I end up using more money then I actually like… :-(

My idea to begin with, was actually that I would like to save money, not spend more money! At least that is what I try to tell myself, but I just cant seem to stop myself!

It is almost like I am addicted! It just makes me so happy if I am one of the lucky few, who gets a great deal on a product…

But before you think,that  my mail is only about my shopping addiction, I better get to my questions! Because the actual reason I’m writing is that I’m having trouble with my skin! None of the many skin care products I have bought with huge discounts has cured my skin problems! But even though I’m happy with deals, offers and discounts, I’d rather solve my skin problems!

None of the skin care products have been able to remove my pimples and acne! Unfortunately! :-(

A few months ago a friend who has also struggled with acne made me aware of you and Danish Skin Care! My friend praised you, because in a short time your skin care products cured her skin problems!

And now you can probably figure out what I’m up to! Because the last couple of months I have been waiting for a great deal on your skin care products! But I have not seen a single deal, discount or offer yet!

So I have not bought your skin care series! So my skin problems are the same, no matter how much I use of all my different skin care products! :-(

So dear Mads, please give me and all the other fans of Danish Skin Care some awesome deals, discount and offers on your amazing skin care products. I promise, I will be the first to buy your amazing products right away! :-)

Katrine, the happy shopper!

Answer to: “Deals that make a difference!”

Hi Katrine

I’m so glad you wrote to me! Even if it’s because you want to get crazy deals on my skincare products! :-)

In fact, I can easily recognize your problem, because when I was struggling with skin problems as a teenager, I also bought LOTS of skin care products that did not work! I actually bought all the products I could get my hands on! Skin care products on sale and skin care products with amazing promises, both the expensive and cheap ones!

But nothing worked! The results where really disappointing! Because I spent all my money but nothing reduced or cured my skin problems! And all my pimples and blemishes, didn’t disappear!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of manufacturers who earn a lot of money on people’s skin problems! Even without reducing or curing skin problems! And unfortunately this applies to both expensive and cheap products! And of cause also products that are sold with huge discounts…

– Read more about Danish Skin Care’s attitude towards ingredients:

So you should actually be aware of crazy offers and false advertising! Often stores and web shops raise their normal prices before a huge sale! So even if you see a crazy deal and immediately think you can save a lot of money, then it’s actually not always the case!

So even if you save a lot of money compared to the advertised “normal” price, you do not really save any money. In the worst cases, you can actually end up paying more money…

– And paying more, doesn’t put more money on your savings account…

So although it feels good to find and get some really “good” deals… And your hunt for reduced prices and deals fills your brain and body with a sense of happiness!  You should actually be really careful not to be seduced and fooled by special deals, offers and discounts! The deals are there precisely for a reason! The deals will often make you buy the products! And the offer is not necessarily about you getting the best treatment or getting a healthier skin!

So before you go hunting for deals, offers and huge discounts! Then stop, and and consider why you want to buy a particular product:

  • Is there a good connection between quality and price?
  • Does the product give you a better, healthier and a more beautiful skin?
  • Are the product getting good reviews and recommendations?

These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a product! And if you think about the questions, and do some research before trowing your money after a new product, you wont be fooled by false advertising!

And the result will often be that you actually buy products which make a positive difference! So take control over your desire to buy everything with a discount! Then it’s you who decides what to buy, whether it’s with a discount or not! :-)

– And now we’re talking about deals, offers and discounts!

We actually do give discounts and we also have some nice deals! We actually always offer a discount when you buy a complete skin care kit! You also do not have to pay for delivery when you purchase the complete skin care kit. The total price for a complete skin care kit is only $169.00.

See, we actually have discounts. Reduced price and free shipping, that’s a DISCOUNT! :-)

Get the complete skin care kit and free shipping here:

If you do not follow our newsletter, please get on board! You get amazing guides and knowledge about skin problems, skin care and much more! And in relation to the subject of your question, at least you will not miss out on future discounts, deals and special offers, if I suddenly want to make wishes come true! ;-)

In fact, you also save a lot of money by purchasing our complete skin care series! It may sound strange … But in fact, my skin care series makes a lot of other skin care products redundant! Because you and your skin get all it needs. So you do not have to spend huge sums of money on boosters, skin tonics or eye cream. Just stick to my simple, gentle and effective skin care series!

– That’s is a HUGE discount! :-)

And before you look around. Then I’m sure my amazing simple, effective and gentle skin care series has helped you with your skin problems. Then you no longer have to fight with pimples, unclean skin or acne.

– How to quickly and easily remove your pimples:

And with Danish Skin Care’s amazing skin care series, you do not need to buy other skin care products! So you can completely ignore the misleading offers and discounts on products you do not need!

– See, that’s how you save money! :-)

And completely without the use of deals, offers and discounts, you actually have: Saved Money! Have the skin you want! And seized control over your shopping addiction! That’s amazing! :-)

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