Guide: How Do You Quickly Remove Pimples?

We all hate when we suddenly get one or more pimples! It just isn't pretty and we know it! So click here and get a quick removal guide :)

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Question: “Guide: How Do You Quickly Remove Pimples?”

Hi Mads 

I still get a pimple sometimes. Luckily, I’m far less plagued by pimples and acne, as I was just six months ago, before I started on the Danish Skin Care skincare range.

Your skin care series has really helped me! And I can easily live with my skin, as it is today – a pimple now and then is much better than before, when I was really troubled by acne.

However, I can still get a pimple now and then, and I would like to hear whether you have any advice on how to quickly remove a pimple.

Indeed, I am a little in doubt if it is best to press the pimple or whether one must not press the pimples. Actually I don’t really know what to do, when you quickly want to get rid of a pimple.

Hope you can give med some advice on how to quickly get rid of a pimple :-)

In addition, thank you for your wonderful skin care line! You really saved my skin :-D

Looking forward to hearing from you / Mia

Answer to: “Guide: How Do You Quickly Remove Pimples?”

Hello Mia

Many thanks for the very kind words! Very glad to hear that you are happy about the Danish Skin Care skincare range.

And I would just start by saying that because you only have been using the products for about 6 months, you can certainly expect to become completely rid of pimples in the future. But in any case it is great to hear that you already got rid of your acne and no longer are plagued by pimples on a daily basis, but only sometimes. It’s really amazing!

I fully understand why you would like to quickly get rid of a pimple when it comes – and I should very much like to help your afford in quickly removing a pimple.

First of all, one can say, however, that we all sometimes can experience a big disgusting pimple when you look in the mirror. It may have come from something you’ve eaten, be hormonally determined, because you have been a little too busy or simply that you might have had a little fun night out or been partying and haven’t quite been good to your body.

When you suddenly get a large yellow pimple and would like to quickly remove it – maybe you have to go to a meeting, maybe you have a date or maybe you are going to a party and want to quickly remove a clammy pimple – so you can follow the guide below on how to quickly remove pimples.

First of all, let us just once make it clear! It is okay to press a yellow and inflamed pimple!


Many say that one must not press pimples. You may have heard that it can create scars, if you press your pimples.

It is totally wrong! If the pimple is yellow and mature, please press it!

So the answer to whether you should press pimples – it is YES, you are allowed to press pimples! :-)

So if it’s a yellow pimple. The pimple is ready to be pressed. And an inflamed pimple. You definitely know what kind of ugly pimples I’m talking about.

Let me just repeat it again: You should press yellow and inflamed pimples

How best to press a pimple, you can read the following answers to Mia. She wrote and asked how best to press pimples. And how to press pimples without scaring.

– Should I press pimples – and how do I press pimples?

Lets get back to the question on how to quickly remove yellow and inflamed pimples.

To get rid of a pimple quickly, follow the steps in the guide below. Then you can quickly fight a zit when it appears!

Quickly remove pimples with these 7 steps:

1) Wash your hands thoroughly! Even if you do not believe that your hands are dirty, there are still many bacteria on them. Therefore wash them carefully before you begin.

2) Wash your face thoroughly in lukewarm water.

3) Use a mild facial cleanser or mild soap for the face and remember to wash the entire face. Make sure to get all the makeup and all the makeup residue off.

Wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water again.

Your gentle face wash could be Perfect Skin Face Wash as it is good for fighting pimples

4) Dab your face with a clean towel. Never scrub!
Repeat this every morning or evening.

5) Now press the pimple.

There is after all a yellow and inflamed pimple so your are allowed to press it! The lukewarm water and a mild face wash has softened the skin, so the pimple is easier pressed – and bacteria and makeup is removed from the skin so you do not create new skin irritation.

Are you still in doubt if you should press a pimple?

Then check out this guide, where I describe how to correctly press pimples:

Press pimples correctly and quickly remove your pimples

6) Use Perfect Skin Power Treat to remove bacteria and thus make the healing of the skin faster.

7) And then let the pimple rest! Now you’ve done what you can to quickly make the pimple disappear. Plus you have relieved pressure on the skin and reduced the risk of scarring.

Now you have washed the whole face, so you must of course make sure to complete the 7 steps respectively your night cream or day cream all over your face depending on whether it is morning or evening, so that you increase the healing of the skin and adds lots of good vitamins, minerals and active ingredients to the skin.

After a few hours you can easily apply Perfect Skin Power Treat again. This time only directly on the pimple.

Perfect Skin Power Treat helps soothe the pimple, and increases healing and kills bacteria in the skin. It may therefore be a good idea to put Perfect Skin Power Treat directly on the zit a few times during the day to help it disappear more quickly.

Unfortunately I haven’t discovered a method on how to remove pimples instantly. But the above guide can help you so that you can get rid of a pimple fairly quickly. Normally you can remove a pimple in 24 hours if you follow the above guide to remove pimples.


Would you like to learn more about proper treatment of acne. And learn how to quickly get rid of acne, pimples and blemishes.

Maybe you need advice on what you should eat to remove pimples. Or maybe you want to know what not to eat, and what food gives pimples.

Join The Danish Acne Cure and learn how to quickly fight pimples, acne and blemishes.

– Get the Danish Acne Cure and quickly get rid of your pimples

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