Dry skin and lack of water

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Question: โ€œDry skin and lack of waterโ€

Hi Mads

I have read that dry skin may be solved if I drink a lot of water?

Answer to: โ€œDry skin and lack of waterโ€

This may sound logical, and many people believe, therefore, that dry skin is due to lack of water and the solution is to drink more water.

The truth is just that dry skin has less moisture content than, say, oily or normal skin.

Drinking plenty of water is certainly healthy, but it will not improve dry skin.

Dry skin can be reduced by protecting the skin from environmental damage (weather and sun), avoid irritating skin care products (tingling/cooling sensation is a sign of irritation), do not use drying alcohol, cleanse with a mildย water-soluble cleanserย and stop smoking (including minimize second-hand smoking or also known as passive smoking).

In order to effectively treat dry skin should choose very cool andย soothing moisturizers with repairing and protective ingredients.

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