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Question: โ€œGood advice for acneโ€

Hi mads,

I have a problem with my skin at the moment. I use something from matas called Manhatten clearface โ€“ washgel/tonic. I really donโ€™t feel that itโ€™s working, even if Iโ€™ve used it for 2 weeks. And because I have acne I pick at it a lot, and I know that only makes it worse, but I really donโ€™t feel good about myself, because I really just want it all to go away. I use that manhatten in the evening, because itโ€™s good for my skin to relax during the night. I know you canโ€™t magically cure acne, but do you have some advice on how I can reduce it at least. I really would like some good advice from you since Iโ€™ve come across your web site.

Hope you can help with remove as much as possible

The unlucky boy

Answer to: โ€œGood advice for acneโ€

HI โ€“ thank you very much for your letter.

I hope that myย advice for acneย can give you some inspiration when battling your acne.

Avoid irritation

It is crucial to avoid irritation. This means that you should use your skincare products very gently and leave your skin relatively at rest for the rest of the day.

Cure for acne

I would recommend you to read myย cure for acne, which is my simple, but very effective step-by-step programme for curing acne and blemishes, where you will receive:

  • Documented knowledge in a language that is easy to understand
  • An easy step-by-step guide
  • Video guides where I will tell you and show you how to do the different steps
  • A list of products, so you can see which products to use for treating your skin

See my cure for acne here.

Do not press blemishes

No matter how tempting it can be to want to press the blemishes, I would like to emphasize strongly the importance of not doing that.

If blemishes are pressed, you risk the development of even more and bigger blemishes and even scars.

Fresh pillowcase

Change your pillowcase a couple of times a week or so. Prolonged exposure to oils can make the acne worse. So in theory, if the oil from your hair rub off on your pillowcase, it can make its way to your face.

I send you my very best thoughts and wish for you to have a healthy life.

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