Hormones and blemishes

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Question: “Hormones and blemishes”

Hi Mads :-D,

First, I want to applaud you for a super great site with lots of useful advice and tips, especially your list of skincare products is particularly helpful :-)

My question is: As a teenager it’s often said that the hormones that rage within you is often the cause for blemishes and acne (of course there are other reasons, but especially the hormones gets the blame). Is it a specific hormone that will cause acne or is it all of them together or how does it work?

I have another question :-) If you’ve found a really good skincare routine and great products, can you still get blemishes?

Thanks in advance :-)

Answer to: “Hormones and blemishes”

Dear Ea,

Thank you so much for your question!

Hormones paly a big part when it comes to acne. That can happen both during puberty, when women have their period, if the body experience stress or if the skin gets irritated from using the wrong skincare products.

It is the male hormones – androgens – that controls the productions of oil in your skin in the sebaceous glands, and so they can overproduce oil and that will lead to acne and blemishes.

Things that can control the hormones in your body could for example be mild skincare products that will not be irritating, birth control pills and certain foods containing large amounts of hormones (like dairy products).

Regarding your second question, unfortunately some skincare products can cause blemishes. For example, some people react differently to sunscreen (physical vs. chemical sun filters). Others react negatively towards BHA exfoliation (even if it helps on most cases of acne and blemishes), etc.

Therefore, it is never certain that one special skincare routine/special skincare products will never cause blemishes or acne.

I hope you can use my answers and I wish you a fantastic day!

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