Many people struggle with rosacea - and few know how to treat it correctly.

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Rosacea is an inflammation of the skin, that causes redness and swelling of the skin on the face. Rosacea is not very pretty, and can be very bothersome for those that are affected by it.

7 mistakes most people with rosacea make

There are many myths about the treatment of rosacea. Here are 7 typical mistakes made in treating rosacea:

  • Sunbathing or using a tanning bed

    Sunshine is wonderful! However, the sun is also a cause of rosacea and can worsen it. Therefore, be careful in the sun.

  • Eating spicy food

    Spicy food is pretty popular. If you suffer from rosacea, you should be careful with spicy foods. These can worsen outbreaks of rosacea and make the skin blush. So be wary with garlic, chili, and spicy foods.

  • Consuming large amounts of salt and sugar

    Eating too much salt or sugar can also be a big mistake for those with rosacea. You should be especially careful with candy, soda and chips, since these foods give you a high concentration of sugar/salt at once, which can worsen your rosacea.

  • Warm or cold baths

    Many people love a warm bath. Others start the day by splashing their face with icy water. Some enjoy steam baths, or saunas. If you struggle with rosacea, it could be a bad idea to expose your skin to dramatic changes in temperature in these ways.

  • Using oil on their face

    People with rosacea are more prone to acne breakouts. Therefore, be careful with oils on your face, as this can heighten the risk of clogging your pores and by extension, the risk of acne.

  • Confusing rosacea with acne

    Because people with rosacea tend to have acne prone skin, this skin problem is often confused with acne. Rosacea is not acne. Make sure to treat your skin correctly and not with products for acne.

  • Avoid seeking help/treatment

    The biggest mistake you can make, if you struggle with rosacea, is to do nothing. Rosacea is an inflammation of the skin, which should be treated to avoid it worsening or spreading. Untreated rosacea can quickly evolve into a much bigger problem.

Those were 7 typical mistakes made by those with rosacea. There are many more! Especially when it comes to treating rosacea with skin care. Here are the 3 biggest mistakes in treating rosacea with skin care:

  • Sun protection. A lot of skin care for rosacea does not contain sun protection. The sun is a direct cause of rosacea, and therefore SPF is super important!
  • Delicate and sensitive skin. Rosacea is very delicate and sensitive skin! Skin care for rosacea should also be for sensitive skin, to avoid further irritation.
  • Focusing on fighting the problem. A lot of skin care for rosacea mistakenly focuses on soothing the skin, rather than treating the actual problem.

Unfortunately, much of the skin care marketed to help with rosacea only focuses on a small part of treating it. This is why it is important to look for skin care that provides enough help for rosacea.

Challenges with rosacea

A big challenge with rosacea is that the reason for the condition is unknown. What’s more, very little research is done on rosacea, since it is mainly a cosmetic condition, and it only affects 3-5% of the population. Typically, rosacea affects people ages 30-50.

The biggest challenges are the medical treatments for rosacea. Most doctors prescribe corticosteroids to treat rosacea. Corticosteroids are powerful medications, that will only serve to worsen rosacea after long term use.

Pills for rosacea

In extreme cases, doctors may prescribe tetracycline for rosacea. Tetracycline is an antibiotic that has proven effective against rosacea. However, pills for the treatment of rosacea have been shown to cause side effects.

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How to treat rosacea

Medications are hardly the best solution to rosacea. Skin care can do a lot to help the skin and fight rosacea - and skin care does not cause any side effects. Your skin will also be treated and repaired at the same time as you fight your rosacea.

  • Choose skin care without perfumes or colorants

    Rosacea is sensitive skin, and should not be irritated. So, avoid perfume, colorants and other irritating ingredients in your skin care.

  • Focus on soothing ingredients

    Delicate and sensitive skin - especially skin affected by rosacea, needs soothing ingredients. These can be aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, etc.

  • Remember reparative ingredients

    Rosacea is damaged skin, and therefore it is extremely important to remember reparative and restorative ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A, etc.

  • REMEMBER sun protection

    Make sure that your day cream contains sun protection, so that you are protected 365 days a year. Focus on SPF 15 and nothing higher, as this can create irritation. Also remember UVA and UVB protection.

  • Fight redness

    Salicylic acid is fantastic for fighting rosacea and will at the same time help to get rid of redness. Salicylic acid is probably the most important ingredient in skin care for rosacea!

  • Look for diversity!

    It is important to remember that there is no such thing as a miracle cure against rosacea. Instead, focus on getting a broad spectrum of ingredients that will help the condition.

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You can do much more on your own!

Medicines for rosacea have many side effects, and the results are hardly guaranteed. By using skin care to treat rosacea, you have many more options – and you can do more on your own.

Minimize alcohol!

Alkohol er ikke årsag til rosacea, men har du rosacea vil alkohol forværre udbruddet.

Get rid of dairy

More and more research shows a correlation between skin irritation and milk. Maybe it is time for you to think about if milk is just for babies, and not for you.

Eat your greens!

Vegetables are chock full of tons of healthy vitamins and minerals that effectively help you get better skin. Especially if you also cut down on meat.

No rule without an exception!

Although skin affected by rosacea should not get too hot or too cold, exercise is great. So get your heart rate up – this helps blood circulation, and helps quicken treatment.

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