Red in the head by the sun

If you tan in the head after sun? What should you do when you become red after sun? Skin care advice about sun care and skin care

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Question: โ€œRed in the head by the sunโ€

Hello Mads ;)

– What can I do to get a tan in the head ? are always red ?
and it’s weird because the body I am REALLY brown , but in my head I am only red. ?

I have acne, and it is bad :-S I take some pills which helped the first 5 weeks, but now it has become enormously bad again.
Have an appointment with a skin specialist tomorrow. Hope to get some stronger pills.

But meanwhile I take a lot of sun , but what should I do to get a facial tan ?
it is annoying to have a delicious brown body ;) but be red in the face : s

Sincerely . Janik
hope you can help

Answer to: โ€œRed in the head by the sunโ€

Dear Janik

Do you go through a red light ? No right?

Do you take more sun, when your skin turns red ? No. .. !

Sun is by far the most damaging factor to our skin. It createsย premature agingย with deepย wrinkles and tired skinย .

When your skin is showing signs of , for example redness, then your alarm bells should be ringing. It is your skin that reacts negatively to the sunโ€™s rays so you should stop .

If you would like the color of the face ( and body ), then I strongly recommend you to use a selftan product โ€“ that does not deplete your skin.

Wish you a great future!

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