Red in the head by the sun

Hello Mads ;)

– What can I do to get a tan in the head ? are always red ?
and it’s weird because the body I am REALLY brown , but in my head I am only red. ?

I have acne, and it is bad :-S I take some pills which helped the first 5 weeks, but now it has become enormously bad again.
Have an appointment with a skin specialist tomorrow. Hope to get some stronger pills.

But meanwhile I take a lot of sun , but what should I do to get a facial tan ?
it is annoying to have a delicious brown body ;) but be red in the face : s

Sincerely . Janik
hope you can help

Dear Janik

Do you go through a red light ? No right?

Do you take more sun, when your skin turns red ? No. .. !

Sun is by far the most damaging factor to our skin. It creates premature aging with deep wrinkles and tired skin .

When your skin is showing signs of , for example redness, then your alarm bells should be ringing. It is your skin that reacts negatively to the sun’s rays so you should stop .

If you would like the color of the face ( and body ), then I strongly recommend you to use a selftan product – that does not deplete your skin.

Wish you a great future!

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