Products from a Dermatologist or Danish Skin Care?

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Question: “Products from a Dermatologist or Danish Skin Care?”

Hey Mads

Thank you so much for all your great information.

I wanted to hear what the difference is between your products and the products dermatologist sell. I have been treated by a dermatologist for about 3 years now. I can clearly see a difference from when i started the treatments and now, but I’m still not completely free from pimples and blemished skin! I still suffer from pimples where white puss comes out of them, but I do not know what they are called. I feel I’ve spent thousands of dollars, and I actually hoped I’d get rid of the pimples, but sadly it did not happen.

I really hope you can help me!


Answer to: “Products from a Dermatologist or Danish Skin Care?”

Hi Ann

Uhh … That was a bit of a question! But I would not want to speak ill of your dermatologist, so a better question possibly is “what is the difference between the products from the dermatologist and the products you can buy in general” – and the answer is, there is none.

Whether you shop at a dermatologist or in a store, it is basically the same you get.

In the sense that there are no additional requirements or control of the products when you buy from a dermatologist or in a store.

The same applies to the skincare products you can buy at the pharmacy.

In short. Regardless of where you shop skincare, the control and the rules are the same – so it’s all about the individual store or more precisely the individual producer’s attitude towards skin care, ingredients and creating skin care.

You can easily find perfumes and other harmful ingredients in products sold at a cosmetologist, dermatologist, pharmacist, or other skin care business.

Exactly as you can easily find great products :-)

What I do with the Danish Skin Care series is that I first and foremost removed all that damages and irritates. Next, the series is STUFFED with a lot of different and great ingredients,  research has shown works in the treatment of skin and control of acne, pimples and blemished skin.

And I can safely say that Danish Skin Care skincare series really is SUPER great. You can try to check Trustpilot and you will see that many Danish Skin Care users share their stories and all their great results – so I’m sure you’ll be very happy to get started with the Danish Skin Care skincare series!

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