Eye cream - hot or not?

Eye creams are different! They often come in small, beautiful containers and are really expensive. But are they any better? Click and learn!

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Question: โ€œEye cream - hot or not?โ€

Hey Mads

What eye cream would you recommend that I use?

Answer to: โ€œEye cream - hot or not?โ€


Many consumers have been blown away with the needs about remembering to use a special product for the skin around the eyes, i.e. a so-called eye cream. And all too often these eye creams come in very small sizes, although they cost twice as much money as a plain face cream.

There is no research that proves that the skin around the eyes needs special ingredients other than the same ingredients as the rest of the face needs.

This means that eye creams are the manufacturersโ€™ way of selling a extra skincare product, even though one can plainly use their normal face cream around their eyes.

Although some people experience extra dry skin around the eyes, there is no need to buy a special eye cream. A well-formulated moisturizer for dry skin will work excellent and at the same time be significantly cheaper.

As long as you use aย face cream filled with good and effective ingredients for the skin, you can easily use the same product around the eyes, your neck and so forth.

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