Guide: This is how you should squeeze and pop a pimple

There are many misconceptions about skin care and pimples! Should you pop or not pop? Its confusing, but don't despair, we know the facts!

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Question: “Guide: This is how you should squeeze and pop a pimple”

Hey Mads

Thank you for some super great products! I have been using your products for a couple of weeks and can already see really good improvements on my skin and pimple problem! I can’t say how great it is, to finally have found some products that actually work! :-D

I had quite a lot of expectations! My cousin recommended Danish Skin Care and she also had some fantastic results, and your products really gave her a beautiful skin!

However, I still get a few yellow pimples, even though I actually think that the number of new pimples has fallen a lot – so it’s probably just a matter of time. I know I only have used the Danish Skin Care skincare series for a couple of weeks.

Maybe my question is a bit abnormal, but I want to know what precautions I should take before I squeeze or pop my pimples? Is there anything I should be aware of before I squeeze them?

I know that it can cause scars to squeeze pimples. I also know that I shouldn’t try to squeeze the pimples, but when they are big, yellow and inflamed bum – I just have to get them away from my face immediately, so I just feel the urge to pop them!

I would be so grateful if you could answer my question, and tell me how I squeeze pimples correctly!

Looking forward to hearing from you :)


Answer to: “Guide: This is how you should squeeze and pop a pimple”

Hi Sille

Thank you very much for the sweet words! It is so GREAT to hear that you are already seeing improvements with your skin – and remember to say hi and thank your lovely cousin! It was so nice of her to recommend you Danish Skin Care! :-D

And I’m really happy about your question. Most people who ask about popping and squeezing pimples, write and ask if you should pop pimples. Many people mistakenly believe that they shouldn’t pop pimples.

And I actually feel that you also think you shouldn’t squeeze pimples. So you’ll probably be surprised by my answer – you have to squeeze and pop yellow and inflamed pimples. It is actually really important that you do it! :)

BUT – and a special thank you for your good questions – it’s super important to press and pop pimples correctly.

If you squeeze or pop a pimple in the wrong way, it can result in ugly scars. Just as it can cause scars NOT to pop and press a yellow and inflamed pimple.

So you MUST and SHOULD pop inflamed pimples!

You need to press and pop yellow and inflamed pimples – also known as mature pimples. All other pimples you shouldn’t touch!

It is therefore a big mistake that many people think that you should not pop pimples. It can actually cause the pimple to become a scar if its not squeezed and popped. All the bacteria creates a huge pressure on the skin, which in itself can create scars. In addition, the pimple also becomes deeper and bigger because all the bacteria can’t escape – and this leaves a hole in the skin which leads to scars!

So once more the yellow and inflamed pimples, should be squeezed, popped and pressed. It just has to be done correctly! :)

An added benefit from popping a yellow and inflamed pimple is that it actually enhances the healing process and helps you to remove and reduce the pimple much faster.

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POP yellow and inflamed pimples!

You can think of a pimple, a bit like a small bag. This bag contains grease, waste and acne bacteria. It’s all messed up inside the bag, but it’s all kept together inside the bag. This is also where the problem arises, because the bag becomes very full (crowded) and at some point the bag will burst. So the pimple simply explodes by itself, because of the huge pressure inside the pimple. This pressure explosion results in damaged and scared skin.

Certainly, it is likely that it will cause a red mark on the skin, as you probably get a small wound, which will become a scar.

When you pop a yellow and inflamed pimple you remove the pressure and bacteria. This means that the bacteria, waste and fat are removed from the pimple and the pressure is relieved and the pressure on the skin will disappear. This will help accelerate the healing process, as well as minimizing the risk of scars and skin marks in the skin.

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Many believe that the bacteria and waste materials that come out of the pimple will infect and make new pimples on the skin. But don’t be scared, this is not how it works!!!

Think about it like a common wound. Just because you get a infected wound – yes, it hurts – and some fluid gets out of the inflamed wound, you will not get a new wound further down the leg.

However, I would always recommend that you wash your skin as soon as you’ve squeezed a pimple – and use deep.cleansing product. It would be beneficial to use Perfect Skin Power Treat, which is both deep-cleansing and calming for your skin, and Perfect Skin Power Treat will help reduce the pimple and eliminate redness.

By using Perfect Skin Power Treat, which is deep cleansing, you help the healing process and ensure that all remaining bacteria within the pimple is completely killed.

It should also be mentioned that before you press a pimple it is important that you wash your fingers. And you should also wash the skin where the pimple is located – then you’re sure that bacteria do not get into the pimple.

If your fingers are not completely clean, you can easily risk adding bacteria to the pimple, which only worsens the situation. And you do not want that! :-)

Last but not least, you risk getting scars caused by pimples, if you squeeze too hard and it starts to bleed.

So when we talk about pressing, squeezing and popping pimples, it is REALLY important that you NEVER press too hard. Pressing pimples should be done carefully and very gently. And it’s a huge mistake if you press so hard that there’s blood.

Most people mistakenly think that one should press and squeeze a pimple until blood comes out. You do not have to! In fact, you just have to press until there is a hole in the pimple, and thereby releasing the pressure inside the pimple so the bacteria can come out.

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How should you squeeze a pimple?

Below I have made a quick little guide on how you press a pimple correctly. Follow this guide next time you have a large, yellow and inflamed pimple – a mature pimple – so you’re squeezing pimple correctly, without the risk of scarring and damage to the skin.

Wait until the pimple is completely mature. The pimple should be yellow, so the inflammation is close to the surface of the skin and the pimple is ready to be popped.

Wash your hands and the skin where the pimple is. A great product for this is Perfect Skin Face Wash that removes excess fat from the skin and bacteria.

Now gently press the pimple from all four sides! Never use your nails only your fingers. The absolute best result is to use a comedone extractor, which is a special tool for pressing and squeezing pimples properly. Then there is no risk of damaging the skin.

– Danish Skin Care has a comedone extractor, called Magic Tool – Get it here.

Press until there is a hole in the pimple and the bacteria reaches the surface of the pimple. And then stop. Do not press until blood comes!

Wash the skin – with Perfect Skin Face Wash – and finish with a product, that repairs your skin. A perfect product for this would be Perfect Skin Power Treat, which will also increase the healing process.

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