This is how you prevent and fight pimples inside the ear

Pimples are annoying and having them inside the ear is just awful, but don't look any further, we know how to treat your pimples right here!

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Question: โ€œThis is how you prevent and fight pimples inside the earโ€

Hi Mads

I sometimes get a pimple in the ear and it is tremendously annoying. Most of all because I can not really get to see the pimples and see if it is ripe to be squeezed, but also because I often end up pressing the pimple wrong and thus create a wound in the ear, which I can feel every time I chew or eat.

I do not know if others are plagued by pimples in the ear. Plagued maybe isn’t the correct work, it is not like I have 100 pimples in the ear, but I think it happens too often.

I would certainly be really happy if you could come up with some advice for a treatment of pimples in the ear.

I am a big fan of Danish Skin Care! Love your skin care products they have really helped me. Specifically, Perfect Skin Power Treat is really brilliant! I am just a little unsure if I can use Perfect Skin Power Treat in the ear?

Looking forward to hearing from you :-D


Answer to: โ€œThis is how you prevent and fight pimples inside the earโ€

Hello Viktoria

Let me first state that pimples in the ear is normal. So youโ€™re not alone in having problems with pimples in the ear, most people have experienced to be plagued by pimples in ears one time or another.

Nevertheless, it is of course tremendously annoying getting pimples in the ear and I would be happy to try to help you to avoid pimples in the ear :-)

Compared to pimples in the ear, there are many things that can come into play in relation to the formation of pimples in her ears. However, they all have one of two things in common; bacteria or irritation.

Pimples in the ears is mostly caused due to impurities in your ear. Or perhaps more accurately pimples in the ears is caused due to lack of washing your ear โ€“ a lot of people forget to actually wash their ear.

So my first advice is that you every time you are in bath remember to wash your ears. Obviously, this must be with soap and water โ€“ of course a soap without perfume, dyes and other irritants, as irritation is the second cause of pimples in the ears.

You can use yourย face washย to wash your ears to avoid pimples in the ears.

โ€“ Perfect Skin Face Wash is a very mild cleanser without perfumes, dyes and harmful chemicals.

Useย Perfect Skin Face Washย to wash your face and then wash your ear every time you are in the shower, then you will greatly minimize the risk of getting pimples in the ears.

I repeat, it is really important that you choose a cleanser without perfumes, dyes and irritating ingredients when you need to wash your ears. The ears are very delicate, especially when you first start to wash them inside, so avoid unnecessary irritation!

Another thing that can help to remove bacteria from your ears and thus avoid that you get pimples inside the ears, is that you are keeping your dirty fingers away from the ears. You must in other words, stop to picking your ear or scratching your ear as it may cause pimples because you are bring bacteria into the ear.

Also note if your phone is greasy and dirty. Or you might often use headphones or ear-plugs, which needs to be cleaned. Think about how often you have your headphones in the pocket and that you are sticking them inside the ear several times a day โ€“ earphones are very exposed to bacteria and it can be a good idea to clean them sometimes.

If you have long hair that reaches your ears, your hair can also cause bacteria in the pipes and thus cause pimples. It is therefore important that you keep your hair clean and avoiding it being oily, so the bacteria from the hair is not transmitted to the ear and thus creates pimples in the ear.

Quite the opposite of bacteria in the ear, is cotton swabs. You probably know what I think of. We all have cotton swabs at home in the closet in the bathroom.

So many uses cotton swabs daily to clean their ears and apropos irritation, then cotton swabs is seriously irritating to the ear! Moreover, cotton swabs does not remove the dirt โ€“ they just push dirt deeper into the ear where it accumulates and can be the basis for the formation of pimples in the ear.

So beware of using cotton swabs. They may be fine occasionally but not every day! And may never replace actual washing the ear with water and aย mild cleanser.

When you are unlucky and get a pimple in the ear, it is best to completely resist picking at your ear and simply let the pimple go away all by itself. A pimple in the ear should disappear in 2-3 days.

If you cant wait a few days you could take a cotton swab with a little liquid disinfectant and clean the affected area.

Now you write that you often have pimples in the ear. Therefore, I would recommend you to go to the pharmacy and get something to clean your ear with. They definitely know what you need, when you just say you need something to clean the ear with.

Now obviously do not come home with cotton swabs! ;-) What you should get is a liquid that you pour in your ear. It does not take that long, but you must allocate 5 minutes per ear, as you must lie on your side with the liquid in the open ear. Only use a few drops of ear-cleaning fluid. Then, with a little warm water rinse the ear over a bowl. You will be surprised how much bacteria, earwax and dirt that actually comes out โ€“ even though you may think you have clean ears.

Then you just go on to the next ear :-)

This treatment can easily be done 1-2 times a year and should drastically reduce the risk of getting pimples in the ear.

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