Your Sunscreen Might Be Dangerous!

Protect your skin with sunscreen correctly - and of course shade - to avoid sun damage, pigmentation, pigmented lesions and skin cancer

Author Mads Timmermann

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A big HELLO from Palm Springs and a very important message about your sunscreen.

Phew… it’s hot in Palm Springs! Yes, yes, I am sorry. I know summer in Denmark has been somewhat sluggish on the uptake. But I gotta say you actually can get too much of a good thing.

I went to Palm Springs, California, in early June. At that time it was like autumn in Denmark, and although it was mainly a business trip, I must admit I was glad to leave for a warmer climate.

I love warm weather. I love the sun. I guess most Danes do, but can you blame them when it’s gray, cold and windy most of the year?!

ANYWAY: I was primarily going to work on my trip to the US, but fortunately I also found time to laze by the pool and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


– And not just because I had to work.

YOU KNOW how persistent I am about sunscreen. You might even be getting a bit tired of me always always always reminding you to use it (Yes yes yes Mads, we got it!)

But it really is super important that you use it. Every day. All year.

BUT THERE IS ONE THING WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT! (Now don’t be totally confused)

ALTHOUGH you are super diligent with your sunscreen, you must ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS find shade when the sun is at its fiercest in the middle of the day.

YES I KNOW that’s when it’s sunniest, and the sky is most blue. But just in the hours around noon the sun is not to be trifled with!

Just look at those who live in the South. They have siesta around noon but they would never lie and roast like meatballs on a sunbed! They go indoors or sit under a parasol.

Unfortunately a lot of Danes think that if they just use sunscreen they can stay in the sun as much as they like.


Sunscreen just won’t cut it during the hours around noon. The sun is too bright, you sweat off the lotion, and there are always a couple of spots, you’ve missed.

E.g. Did you know that one of the areas on the body most likely to get skin cancer are the ears?

Or I might ask you in a different way: Do you remember your ears when you put on sunscreen?


The ears are just one of the areas we almost always forget, and they are highly exposed. (A bit like the hands, but you know that already).

So I enjoyed the fabulous weather in Palm Springs. In the middle of the day, always with a parasol in place to protect me from the burning sun.

AND HEY … Why settle for a parasol ABOVE you?!

Enjoy the summer sun under a parasol at midday, while treating yourself to a delicious fresh juice.


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