Acne and benzoyl peroxid

Remove acne with benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide can effectively remove acne, pimples and impure skin on the face and body

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Question: “Acne and benzoyl peroxid”

i Mads,

I’m a 24 year old guy who have suffered from acne since my early teens.

I’ve tried to follow “Mads’ Cure for Acne” with great success the first couple of weeks. My skin started to have breakouts anyway, even if I followed the guide. But I’ve only used benzyl peroxide (Basiron 5 %) in the morning, because it looks like I get white stripes on face after using it. I was actually acne-free for 2 weeks, before I started to have breakouts again, but I haven’t stopped using the guide. Will the effect of the benzyl peroxide lessen eventually? It seems like a temporary solution, which is not what I’m looking for. The solution has to be permanent and something that I can keep using ;-)

You say that you have to use a great moisturizer. Do you have any suggestions? Have used Aqualia Thermal from Vichy in the evening and a Normaderm day créme. I really don’t know what to look for, or if these 2 products will clog my pores.

My acne can be described as: Typically red and with white spots in the middle. My acne always appears around my chin and my nose. I don’t have any on my forehead.

My skin can be a little irritated and dry, but not so much that I feel that it’s irritating :-)

I exercise a lot: Running, boxing, weightlifting, etc. Do you have any suggestions for a moisturizer that I can use after working out?

Thanks in advance

Tom, Aarhus

Answer to: “Acne and benzoyl peroxid”

Hi Tom,

I am really happy that you can use my guide – and that you follow it. The breakout you experienced a couple of weeks after starting using the “cure for acne”, I am very convinced that it is because your skin is starting to calm down after using so harsh products before – and it can also be because of the benzoyl peroxide that is in the Basiron. My recommendation is that you should continue and give the products more time – think about how long you have had acne. Then a 14 day treatment does not seem that long a time after all ;-)

And it does take a little more than 14 days for you to see a positive result. The fact that you exercise a lot is really good, because it will help your body to excrete the waste products – but I will point out that it is very important that you cleanse your skin afterwards. You can use the Perfect Skin Face Wash to wash your face and then use a great moisturizer after that. A great moisturizer should contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and should always be free from perfume, dyes and other ingredients that are irritating for the skin. In addition, a day crème should always contain UVA/UVB sunscreen.

As far as crèmes go, I would definitely recommend you to look at the crèmes from Danish Skin Care. They are filled with good ingredients that will really help your skin and especially your acne. Here, you can also find a great crème for dry skin that you seem to have – Perfect Skin Moisturizer – Normal to dry skin for evening and Perfect Skin Day Protector – Normal to dry skin for day.

And then, keep up your healthy lifestyle – and give “the cure for acne” a little time. And try to avoid focusing on your acne all the time – stress can actually make it worse.

I wish you good luck – and feel free to write back to me anytime!

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