Birth control pills against acne and pimples

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Question: “Birth control pills against acne and pimples”

Hi Mads

I am 16 years old and am really tired of still having pimples. It already started getting pimples as a 12 years old and I just want to get rid of my ugly skin now! I’m very irritated by it! I do not want to go out without makeup and I do not prefer to party or being with girlfriends when I’m having the worst outbreaks. Mostly the outbreaks comes in periods around the same time as I’m menstruating

Now, I’m considering taking birth control pills, since I’ve heard that birth control pills can eliminate pimples. Is that right?

Can birth control pills remove acne? I you get pimples around the same time as you have your period, are the hormones causing the pimples? Or could it be something else?

Hope you will answer my questions :-)

Best regards 

Answer to: “Birth control pills against acne and pimples”

Hi Emily

First of all, let me say that I am incredibly sad to hear about your skin problems. Pimples, acne and unclean skin are never fun to walk around with! Especially not when you are a teenager and have enough stuff and other problems to think about as well.

That you are a teenager and you get the pimples around your menstrual period are also clearly indicating that your skin problems are mostly hormonally determined.

Just because birth control pills, are meant to regulate hormones, so you do not get your menstrual period it does not mean you can take birth control pills and as a result get rid of your pimples. Unfortunately! Birth control pills are not the solution for treating your acne.

It should be said – and it is of course a rumor that birth control pills work for the treatment of pimples, unclean skin and acne – that you as a girl or woman may find that your skin is getting nicer when you start taking birth control pills.

The reason is that birth control pills can help balance the hormones in your body.

However, it is far from all girls who experience this effect. Many girls experience completely opposite effect that birth control pills cause many more pimples. Therefore, birth control pills can not be said to be a safe remedy for unclean skin, although it helps in some individuals.

At the same time, birth control pills are a medicine to avoid menstruation and getting pregnant, and if you start to gamble with the effects of birth control pills and even try to play a doctor and medicate you self with birth control pills. I really can not recommend you doing this.

In addition, it is only in the beginning when you start taking birth control pills that the pills may have a effect on your pimples. So, if you want a lasting result in concern to you pimples, you might need to change your pill label often. But there is also the risk that you will get many more outbreaks of pimples as well. Each time you change your birth control pills, there is as much risk of irritation as there is chance of improvement.

So just eating birth control pills because you want to treat your acne and pimples, really is quite the gamble.

From experienced, I can add – not that I have tried birth control pills myself, but from what I hear from a lot of people who have – that a lot of people who start on birth control pills experience a HUGE acne outbreak the day they stop taking birth control pills.

And, in fact, this even happens for women who haven’t had a pimple before or had other problems with acne, some experience a little worsening by using birth control pills other experience a little improvement by eating birth control pills.

A lot of women who contact me at the start of the 20’s and now want to stop taking birth control pills – maybe because they have got a regular boyfriend, want to have children or something completely different. All of them, however experience, while they stop taking birth control pills, that they suddenly get problems with their skin and that they get really many pimples and big acne problems.

This is really worth taking into consideration whether you need to start taking birth control pills. If the reason you want to take birth control is in hope of treating your acne or if it is to avoid pregnancy.

My advice to you is definitely that you don’t start taking birth control pills for treating your acne. Birth control pills are not a medicine you should use to remove pimples!

There is a high risk that you will worsen your skin problems and get many more pimples. Despite there is also a small chance that it will work and you can remove your acne and pimples with birth control pills.

In addition, there is the risk that you will experience a severe deterioration of your skin problem on the day you stop taking birth control pills.

Do you want to treat your pimples efficiently? And once and for all get rid of your acne? Then I would definitely recommend you to choose a treatment designed to treat pimples and unclean skin.

I’ve collected everything you need to know to get rid of your pimples. I’ll tell you what works and what does not work. Birth control pills are definitely one of the things that does not work – at least not good enough.

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