Acne and alcohol

We all like to party, dance and maybe drink a Pina Colada, but what does alcohol do to your body and especially your skin? Click here now!

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Question: “Acne and alcohol”

Hey Mads (:

It is going much better with my acne now, especially after Mikkel came home with a product from you.  A cleansing product. It is super good and I do not suffer much from acne anymore.

– But after partying at a night club or too much alcohol, I always get a single or two pimples, but is that normal when drinking beer in particular?
– And about the dairy products, should I still quit eating and drinking them or can I just drink and eat a little?

Otherwise, you’ve helped me a lot, and thank you for that !!

Best regards 

Answer to: “Acne and alcohol”

Hello Kasper – and thanks for the last time :-)

It is so nice to hear that you have follow my guide and use my skincare products. But mostly I’m just glad to hear that they work for you – this is what it’s all about :-)

In relation to your question alcohol, there is no evidence that indicates that alcohol cause acne. BUT, if you experience a lot more pimples after partying and getting a lot of alcohol, you could suffer for some kind of allergy to something you drink – and therefore experience pimple breakouts.

So try to look at what you are drinking – and try to change what you drink, and see if it has a positive effect on you skin.

It should also be said, when you party and drink a lot of alcohol. That all sudden and explosive changes to your body has an impact. So if you suddenly drink a lot of alcohol – and at the same time do not get much sleep – it will obviously have an effect on your skin.

In relation to cow’s milk and dairy products, I’m really glad to hear you’ve followed my advice here. Cow’s milk and dairy products is scientifically proven to be the cause of – and aggravation of – pimples and unclean skin, so I would definitely recommend you to continue without cow’s milk and dairy products in your diet.

Of course you can drink and eat a little if you wish. It is not one glass of milk occasionally or one bowl of butter that cause pimples. The problems appear if drink milk and eat dairy products daily and thereby constantly annoy and provoke your system …

Have a good day – and good luck with getting rid of the last few pimples

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