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Many blackheads

Hi Mads :-)

I have some problems with the skin in my T-zone. My skin is very nice on my cheeks (which I’m very happy about) but I really have a lot of blackheads on both my nose and forehead and then a couple of blemishes on my forehead and rarely on my chin and it really is a daily irritation for me :-(

I use Ole Henriksen and body shop products every day (I use 2 cleansing products, which I was recommended by a professional). I just can’t figure out if I should keep on using the products or if I should something different.

What do you think?



Dear Elisabeth,

Thank you for your question regarding blackheads. I look forward to helping you!

It is always a good idea to cleanse your face to remove grime and dirt, but it is important to emphasize that blackheads do not come from grime/dirt.

A blackhead appears because of over-productive tallow glands and they have a tendency to form more quickly in the greasier parts of the face, like on the chin, nose or forehead.
A dark spot/blackhead appears when the pore has an opening towards the surface of the skin and the tallow, which contains pigmentation from the skin, is oxidized and turns a brown/black colour. It is not dirt and cannot be washed away.

I would recommend you to add an exfoliating product to your current skincare routine – preferably a peeling product based on BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid). That will help with a quicker rejection of the dead skin cells, which will mean that the skin does not clog as easily and thereby create blackheads and blemishes.

I hope my answer has given you the knowledge you needed – if not, you are more than welcome to contact me again.

I wish you a great weekend with joy and love!

Mads Timmermann
Mads Timmermann

Expert in beautiful skin and founder of Danish Skin Care

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