Oily skin and crocodile oil

A lot of different and bad ingredients is used in the skincare industry but Danish Skin Care says no to animal products also crocodile oil!

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Question: “Oily skin and crocodile oil”

Hey Mads

I have looked at and read a lot about crocodile oil. Can you recommend the skincare product and could it be used with your day cream – Perfect Skin Day Protector – or will it have a negative effect on my skin because it is normal to oily?

Yours sincerely

Answer to: “Oily skin and crocodile oil”

Hello Kristian

I really can not recommend using a product like crocodile oil on your skin – first and foremost because animal products are not as good for the skin as vegetable based products. In addition, animal oil contains a tremendously high amount of fat molecules, which clog the skin’s pores incredibly.

In addition, you write that your skin is normal to oily … so using animal oil on a pre-greasy skin, is a bit like trying to extinguish a fire by pouring more gasoline on it! ;-) A greasy skin does not need extra fat, moisture or oil … the skin already has more moisture than the skin needs :-)

So oils – also crocodile oil – is actually really bad if you have normal to oily skin. Oil should only be applied to the skin, if you are extremely dry – and in which case I would never recommend an animal product, as it clogs the pores in skin … there are many vegetable oils that can moisturize without clogging and blocking the skin pores.

– You can read much more about the treatment of oily skin – by clicking here

I would also strongly advise you to look af The Danish Acne Cure where I also explain why using oil for an oily skin is so wrong.

Many unfortunately believe that oil is good for oily skin – but oil for oily skin is just not good!

– You can learn more about this in my free guide The Danish Acne Cure here.

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