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Author Mads Timmermann

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Question: “Scars and Impetigo”

Hey Mads

I’ve been so unlucky to get Impetigo and it subsequently caused some small scars. But there is a scar that is slightly larger and deeper than the others, and I have tried to care for it each day for a couple of months. I have used a dermaroller frequently, as well as tried various creams. It’s only now that I actually start seeing some positive results, but I’m afraid that the scar is too deep and it wont get any better than it looks like now…

I have talked a lot with my parents about the treatment of the scars, and we have talked about laser treatment – but I much prefer a cure where I treat the scars patiently with good skin care. So I’m basically seeking advice for some good products that I can use! I have considered trying your products, which have received awesome reviews :-). I’ve looked at “Perfect Skin Power Treat” and wanted to know if it could help? And if it will help eliminate my ugly scar as much as possible?

I have not been to a dermatologist yet, because I would like to ask you first! :)

Other recommendations would also be good!

Hope to hear from you!

Best regards 


Answer to: “Scars and Impetigo”

Hi Alexander

I am really sorry to hear that you have been plagued by Impetigo – and it has left you with some scars. But do not worry, of cause I would really like to help you!

First of all, I would strongly advise against derma-rollers. Derma-rollers are not scientifically proven to actually help the skin! All the research I have ever read about the treatment of scars concludes that creating further damage to the skin, is NOT the way forward. And a dermaroller just makes a lot of holes in the skin, thus damaging the skin. So I would strongly advise against “treatments” with derma-rollers.

– Read more about my attitude towards derma-rollers here:

In regards to alternative treatments… Laser is probably the treatment that would give you the best and fastest results – but it is also quite painful, and it can also be really expensive! Especially if you want the scar to be completely removed.

Otherwise, as you also mention, I can really recommend you Perfect Skin Power Treat as it contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is BRILLIANT to remove scars and treat pigment damage… Even scars after impetigo … So I would strongly recommend you to get started with Perfect Skin Power Treat. The first month you should only use the product once a day! In the evening, use it on your entire face… And after one month you can intensify you treatment. Also use the product in the morning – but in the morning you should only use the product on the actual scar.

Thus, after one month, you get one daily treatment of your entire face to avoid color differences on the skin. And a daily treatment, in the morning, only on the scar :-)

In addition, I would really recommend you to get started with the rest of the Danish Skin Care series. The vitamin A in our creams is one of the absolute best ingredients to repair scars in the skin and rebuild the skin. Exactly like Vitamin E is super good for treating scars. In addition, you get sunscreen in your day cream, which may be the most important ingredient if you want a successful removal of scars! The sun can actually change the color of the scars, so even if you remove the scar, you are left with a dark spot .. and that’s not what you want!

So yes, I would definitely recommend you the complete skin care kit! :-)

– You can order a complete skin care kit for your skin type here:

If you want even more information, you can also read more about the correct treatment of scars in the link below.

– How to treat and remove scars with skin care:

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