Scrubs and blemishes

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Question: “Scrubs and blemishes”


I suffer a lot from acne and it affects me a great deal! Really want to get rid of it! Right now, I use the pills called Tetracycline Actavis, which the doctor recommended for me, as well as a Redap that I use every night before bed. It’s helped a lot since before I started using the products, but not as much as I would like. Today, I saw the doctor and got a referral to a dermatologist, and now I’m just waiting for an opening as soon as possible.

Every morning, when I get up, I have yellow blemishes and can’t stop removing them, because I don’t want to go to school looking like that. So I can’t help it. And I wash my face every morning with a scrub from Garnier (do you think that’s stupid? I mean, does that make it worse?). And I rinse my face every night in lukewarm water, because I’ve read on this crème that I use (Redap) that your face should be clean before applying it.

Could read on your page, that you can press yellow blemishes gently, but how? By using a needle so you can poke a hole and the yellow stuff can almost come out by itself? Could use an advice, or at least the meaning of what you write :-)

Hope you can help me with some good advice :-)

Thanks in advance.

Rasmus Guldberg, 16 years old and really tired of his bad skin

Answer to: “Scrubs and blemishes”

Hi Rasmus,

Thanks a lot for you question, that I will really try and help you with!

Stop using scrubs on your skin. It will only make your acne worse, since it is irritating your skin and increase the problem. Instead, choose a mild cleansing product that you should use both in the morning and the evening.

At the same time, I will recommend you to read my Cure for Acne, where you will get a lot of good advice and guidance to the correct (and incorrect) treatment of skin with acne.

Have a super day!

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