Supplements for acne

Impure skin, pimples and acne is thought to be cured with supplements. But is it really the truth that supplements removes acne and pimples?

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Question: “Supplements for acne”

Hi Mads,

Thank you for an honest and really good web site :-)

I suffer from acne. I went to see a cosmetologist a while ago. The cosmetologist suggested that I should do a “therapy cure” for 2-3 months including taking many different types of supplements: Vitamin C, silica plus, vitamin A, zinc, mega B-stress, grapenol + something called tetra cleanse. I must be said that this cosmetologist sell all these products in the store.

I live a healthy life, I have always had a healthy diet and made sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and I drink a lot of water and green tea. I eat a multi-vitamin tablet every day as well as a fish oil tablet, and I don’t think that it’s necessary with all those supplements (which are also really expensive). But do you think she’s right? And is it even healthy for the body or just a waste of money, since I have a healthy and varied diet anyway?

Thanks in advance :-D

Answer to: “Supplements for acne”

Dear Clara,

Thank you so much for your question regarding acne and supplements. But you pretty much answered your own question :-)

First of all, your cosmetologist recommends products that she sells herself. It is fine to recommend products that you sell yourself, BUT in this case it is obvious that your cosmetologist is trying to increase sales.

Secondly, you have a very healthy diet and you do not need any supplements. For example, if you digest too many of the water-soluble Vitamin C and B, they will only go right through your body and down the toilet drain. Waste of money.

Thirdly, there is no documentation that certain foods (among them supplements) will remove blemishes and acne.

So keep up the healthy lifestyle, save money on expensive supplements and maybe take a look at my cure for acne.

I wish you the very best future!

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