Wrinkles and Anti-Aging

Wrinkles come with age - but also with bad skin care.

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Author Mads Timmermann

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Everyone gets wrinkles. They’re a part of the natural aging process

Smoking, suntanning, bad nutrition and bad skin care all speed up the appearance of wrinkles. But you can actually reduce this appearance with good anti-aging skin care.

5 common mistakes people make with wrinkles and anti-aging

Wrinkles can be reduced, and they can be prevented. However, there are a lot of myths about wrinkles and anti-aging. Here are 5:

  1. You should start with anti-aging in your thirties
    One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that you don’t need to start using anti-aging products until you reach a certain age. You should think about anti-aging like good nutrition. The earlier you begin, the bigger of an effect you’ll see.
  2. Use sunscreen in summer
    It’s a widespread misconception that you should only use sunscreen in the summer. Maybe this is because it is called “sun”-screen. The sun emits harmful rays year-round, through clouds and car windows. This is why you should see sunscreen as a protection against these rays, which find their way to the earth’s surface 365 days a year. Also remember that your sunscreen should contain UVA protection.
  3. Special anti-aging creams
    Many skin care companies offer “special” anti-aging skin care lines, that make people believe that they need to use special skin care to get the anti-aging effects. This is not the case. Anti-aging ingredients can easily be incorporated into a normal day cream.
  4. Vitamin A boosters, serums or creams
    Vitamin A is great for wrinkles. So most people think that large amounts of vitamin A are great. This is not true. Too much vitamin A will dry out your skin and can cause your skin to look grey and wrinkly. Instead, focus on getting vitamin A in the right dosage, along with all the other great anti-aging ingredients.
  5. Use tightening face masks
    You may feel like your skin is being tightened and smoothed out when you use the popular “tightening” face masks. However, this is not true. There are no natural quick fixes that will tighten or smoothe out your skin. The treatment of wrinkles takes time.

Those were 5 common mistakes made by people who want to treat their wrinkles with anti-aging. The very worst you can do is:

  • Sunbathe. If you want to counteract and fight wrinkles, sun exposure is a bad idea.
  • Smoke. When it comes to the appearance of wrinkles, this is a big sinner.
  • Believe in the ads, marketing and miracles. IF something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Treating wrinkles takes time – and it’s best to focus on prevention.

Unfortunately, lots of skin care companies retouch their photos and advertise deceptive ingredients that will never help you get rid of wrinkles.

The challenge with wrinkles and anti-aging

Maybe the biggest challenge about wrinkles and anti-aging is our perception of age we have built up in the last decades. Maybe it’s thanks to Hollywood, advertising and the perpetuation that wrinkles are negative.

Wrinkles appear naturally with age. We cannot escape that. What we can do is try to minimize the skin’s aging process and preserve the skin’s elasticity – and naturally get rid of the things that speed up the aging process. In the treatment of wrinkles, it’s important to remember that wrinkles will not go away in 2-3 days – it takes a long time and continuous treatment.

How to treat wrinkles

The good news is that treating wrinkles is pretty easy. It just takes time! It’s also important to start to think of anti-aging in the same way that we think of a healthy lifestyle. It’s something that we need to focus on every day and all of our lives, to get the best results.

  1. Anti-aging
    Start using anti-aging ingredients in your skin care early. You can’t really begin too early, as you’ll only be preventing and repairing.
  2. Get rid of perfume, colorants and harmful ingredients
    There is no reason to cause unnecessary irritation and drying out of your skin. So get rid of the things you know hurt – like smoking.
  3. Embrace your pale skin
    Forget the perception that a tan looks good, and instead enjoy your beautiful light skin. Sun exposure is bad for your skin, and will always result in wrinkles.
  4. A wide spectrum of ingredients
    There is no such thing as one miracle ingredient to treat wrinkles. Instead, use lots of ingredients, especially the restorative, soothing and nurturing ingredients.
  5. Make it easy!
    Focus on a skin care series with lots of different ingredients and functions, so that you make it easy on yourself. Choose a skin care series that for example has built-in anti-aging functions and sunscreen.

The Danish Skin Care series combines everything in one and the same line. You’ll get sun protection and great daily care of your skin – and naturally you’ll get lots of anti-aging. The Danish Skin Care series also contains a ton of good ingredients and necessary vitamins, minerals and active ingredients, which all treat and care for your skin.

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If you believe in miracles, you’ll be waiting a while…

Take action, and get results!

Wrinkles can be treated! If you want to be completely wrinkle-free, then there’s botox and plastic surgery. However, this is a dangerous and unnatural route to take…

Skin care can help you a long way though. But part of that entails accepting that wrinkles occur with age, and bottom line, we can’t really avoid that.

Your diet can help a lot!

Anti-aging kan also be eaten. Anti-aging ingredients are found in nature. Especially in vegetables – particularly the colorful ones.

Exercise and an active lifestyle fights wrinkles

Staying active and exercising are really great in the fight against wrinkles. Remember to keep your body moving – this fights wrinkles and keeps the skin supple.

Remember oils!

Do not be afraid of fats. Make sure you get oils, which will also help against wrinkles. Focus especially on unsaturated fats like sunflower seed oil, flaxseed oil and others – most people are deficient in these types of oils.

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