Spots from blemishes/acne

TREATMENT of pimples and acne on the chin, cheeks and spots after pimples on the face. Skin care instructions and tips here!

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Question: “Spots from blemishes/acne”

Hi Mads,

I’m a boy who’s 16 and who’s really tired of scars or red spots from acne.

I have acne on my chin and cheeks. Or that’s actually not that bad, it’s worse that when it disappears they leave a dark spot or sometimes a small dent in the skin that’s also dark and it’s not nice at all during the winter. Is there something I can do to make it go away? Or should I just wait it out?


Answer to: “Spots from blemishes/acne”

Dear Anders,

Thank you so much for your question about spots after blemishes and acne.

I will divide the spots after blemishes up into 2 different kinds:

Red spots – irritation

Before a blemish is infected with yellowish pus/fill it is red and swollen. These “blemishes” are called papules.

But many people will experience additional red spots because the skin reacts to irritating skincare products. So make sure that you treat your skin with mild products, so your skin can stay calm.

Dents in the skin – scars

Dents in the skin from blemishes are unfortunately found sometimes. Avoid picking at your blemishes to avoid getting scars.

The easiest way to treat scars from blemishes is to use products with peeling ingredients (for example BHA). Alternative treatments could be laser treatments or skin peelings or exfoliation.

I hope my answers were sufficient for your questions.

May you have the best future full of success!

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