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Question: “Body care - Skin care from the neck down”

Hi Mads

What tips can you give for treatment of the body with skin care ?

Answer to: “Body care - Skin care from the neck down”

Most people are effective in the treatment of facial skin, but many forget the other parts of the body.

This oversight leads to aging skin, brown pigmentation and damaged elasticity, such as the hands , chest and neck.

Skin care products for the body should contain the same important and rejuvenating ingredients that skin care products for the face. This can be both anti-oxidants, humectants,  and cell repairing ingredients. And of course sun protection.

Avoid bar soap

Many (especially men) use bar soap for washing the body, but bar soap is drying and not good for the skin, it is better to use a gentle cleanser instead (also known as shower gel ) .

The neck and chest (decolte)

In spite of the many skin care products adverticed (I repeat; adverticed) to the neck and chest, it is never documented what these skin areas need anything else, that the facial skin does not need.

It is therefore a waste of money to buy separate skin care products to these areas. Instead you can just use your well formulated face products, which involves daily exfoliation and sunscreen.

Hands and arms

One of the great gossips of the same age , our hands, unless the daily and diligently cared for with restorative and protective products.

A well-formulated cream for hands must contain the same key ingredients as your face products , and most importantly it must contain sunscreen.

Remember to reapply the cream with sunscreen on your hands after washing and during the day.


Daily use of exfoliation under your body lotion (which of course is packed with the key ingredients to the skin ), will make the skin on your legs extra soft..

Knees, heels, elbows and feet

The skin in these areas tend to be extra thick and rough.

Daily use of an effective BHA exfoliant will dramatically help the problem.

In addition, the use of an additional fat and emollient creams may be beneficial.

Pimples on the body

Pimples and acne can occur anywhere on the body but is often seen on the back, chest and neck with acne on the face.

The treatment of pimples on the body is completely the same as the treatment of pimples on the face .

Get guide for treating pimples

Keratosis pilaris (small red bumps)

Keratosis pilaris is the name of the skin problem with tiny raised bumps that are mostly seen on the upper arms, thighs, shoulders and back .

These bumps are clogged pores that many people suffer from – some only during the winter months, for others all year round.

Treatment of keratosis pilaris is possible by daily use effective BHA exfoliant that will improve the skin’s pores , remove dead skin cells and dampen redness.

Bacterial Folliculitis

The skin problem Bacterial Folliculitis is characterized by being small red bumps, mainly on the arms and thighs, which may end in inflamed pustules and generally seen in people with much body hair.

Bacterial Folliculitis is an inflammation, as a result of the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, the infection of the skin follicles .

Treatment of Bacterial Folliculitis involves daily use of BHA exfoliant, a product with 5 % benzoyl peroxide (see more in The Danish Acne Cure) and prescribed oral antibiotics .

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