Pimples in unconventional(unusual) places

Pimples inside the nose and nostrils really hurt! They are annoying and hard to reach! So how do you treat them? Let us guide and help you.

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Question: “Pimples in unconventional(unusual) places”

Hi Mads

I just got started with your skin care products and can already see a good result on the face. I am really positively surprised – and I’m thrilled and excited to see the result in a few months :-D

My question is not really about pimples on the face, but it is about pimples on more unusual places. Or more exactly pimples in unconventional places.

Besides pimples on the face, as I am sure that I have now found the solution for with your Danish Skin Care products :-D I do have pimples other places than the face.

I sometimes get pimples on the neck, which probably is not that unconventional – I would like to know if I can use Danish Skin Care products on the neck also?

But what I want to know is whether you have some advice to remove and treat pimples in the ear, just as I hope you can give some advice to eliminate pimples in the nose.

I sometimes get pimples in the nose and ear. It is not often, but its always very painful.

Right now, I actually have a pimple in the nose and a simple in the ear and I honestly do not know what to do about them – so I thought I would write and ask. Hope you can help :-)

Answer to: “Pimples in unconventional(unusual) places”


Great to hear that you are already well underway with my skincare products! And you do already see a good result, so I am sure that you will soon be completely free of pimples! :-)

And finally you can also use Danish Skin Care products in the neck! Skin is skin, so you can easily remove pimples in the neck with Danish Skin Care products.

With regard to your question about pimples unconventional places – or unusual places – then the ear and the nose is actually not a unusual place to get pimples.

The vast majority of people experience getting pimples in the ear, like a lot of people experience getting pimples in the nose.

How to fight pimples in the ear and how to combat pimples in the nose, I have actually just written about that, and I surely recommend that you check out the answers :-)

You will find the answer to how to remove pimples in the ear here:

– How to remove pimples in the ear and how to treat pimples in the ear

As for your question about how to remove pimples in the nose, you’ll find the answer here:

– How to remove pimples in the nose and how to treat pimples on the nose

Check out the links above, I also tell how you respectively can avoid pimples in the nose, and how to avoid pimples in the ear, so that you in the future isn’t concerned with pimples in the nose or plagued by pimples in the ear :-)

Want more information on how to best treat pimples – and learn how to quickly get rid of pimples, acne and blemishes.

– Get my guide for the treatment of pimples, acne and blemishes

Through a series of films I tell you everything you need to know to quickly get rid of pimples. I tell you what skin care products you need to remove pimples. And I tell you what food and products that cause pimples :-)

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